Drug and alcohol addiction treatment

Dr. Vasilenko

Vitaliy Vasylenko

Physician, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, the psychiatrist of highest category.

No one knows the moment when a person decides to try drugs: some foolishly try copying others; others do it consciously in attempt to escape problems and pain. At the beginning every person has a choice; after they try drugs they face a dead end that leads to death of the addict and all the bad consequences that hurt their relatives: mothers, children, family.

Medical Center of Dr. Vasylenko in Zaporozhye provides comprehensive care in the treatment and subsequent rehabilitation of people in difficult life situations as a result of drug abuse.

Potential clients of the clinic, their relatives or companions can receive full information about the methods of treatment and conditions of hospital stay.

"Addiction can be cured! In the course of treatment we erase the desire to use drugs from your consciousness completely once and for all, we put in a sustainable rejection of drugs: drug is pain, suffering, death".

  • Drug addiction is curable, the method works.
  • Sessions have become harsh, even prohibitively harsh.Profound changes of consciousness take place in which the psychological block becomes so persistent that does not disappear even years, decades later.
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  • The main condition
    for admission to our clinic is your sincere desire to get rid of drug addiction forever.

    The treatment is carried out stationary for
    4-6 weeks.
  • The clinic works in the open door regime. All treatment involves several stages:
    • elimination of physical dependence
    • elimination of psychological dependence
    • rehabilitation, restoration of personality
    • biological encoding
  • Signs of addiction
  • Here we give some obvious signs that can help you determine whether someone has an addiction to substances. This is by no means a complete list. If you suspect a particular substance, get more information
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  • What drugs teens abuse?
  • You may think that your house is drug free, but your teenager thinks otherwise. Be careful, because substance dependence can start right at your home. If you or someone you know abuse different substances, do not waste time...
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  • Signs and symptoms of drug abuse
  • There are many symptoms, both physical and behavioral, that can indicate drug or chemical substance abuse. Each drug has its own manifestations regarding the person’s state of health and the amount taken, but there are some common features of how the
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Drug addiction and alcoholism prevention in social networks

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  • Gambling can kill you faster than drugs or alcohol
  • Gambling can kill you faster than drugs or alcohol Among all the destructive habits in the world gambling seems the “safest” one. It does not damage liver or other body organs. It does not cause nausea. It is all about money.
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Drug addiction and alcoholism prevention in social networks

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  • Drug addiction is curable, the method works.
  • Sessions have become harsh, even prohibitively harsh.Profound changes of consciousness take place in which the psychological block becomes so persistent that does not disappear even years, decades later.
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  • Gambling can kill you faster than drugs or alcohol
  • Gambling can kill you faster than drugs or alcohol Among all the destructive habits in the world gambling seems the “safest” one. It does not damage liver or other body organs. It does not cause nausea. It is all about money.
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  • Olga

    I’m the one of those mothers who have gone through the most terrible tragedy - the junkie son. I have lost hope of recovery and got only emptiness, sadness and longing because of despair. Nevertheless, who believes and wants to pull out own child from the deep pool of drug, will find a way out from the difficult situation. In our case, we saw that way, when read an article “Drug addiction is curable” in the “Komsomolka” newspaper. Immediately we went to the Zaporizhzhya city, hospital №1, to the Dr. Vasilenko, who was mentioned in that article.

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  • Sotiris

    - Could you please tell me more about yourself? - My name is Sotiris. I come from Greece. I’m 25 years old. I have been depended to drugs since I was 13 years old. I came to this clinic, to Vitaliy Ivanovich, and had been treated for 1 month. - Sotiris, when did you get treatment in our institution for the first time? - In 2011. - If you remember, could you please tell me, what were the feelings when you came to us? - It was unexpected and unusual for me. I couldn’t understand and realize what was happening to me. - What about your treatment? - My blood was purified, injections and therapies. I had wounds on my hands… all was cured.

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  • Ivan

    My name is Ivan Ivanovich, I was addicted to drugs one and a half year ago. I was treated in many institutions, but nothing could help me. I found out about this unique method from a friend of mine, he underwent the treatment by Vitaliy Ivanovich. I immediately called to the center. My wife and I arrived to the institution and I was struck by the attitude of medical staff, they were like sisters, and I got so much sympathy to my illness. I believe that addiction is a disease, but only here I convinced that it could be cured. Thanks to Vitaliy Ivanovich I lost carving and I don’t want to hear anything about drugs and alcohol.

    16.03.2015read more

  • Maksim

    With gratitude. I would like to mention a few points, such as strong energy which is emanating from Vitaliy Ivanovich - it is initially gives a confidence and disposes for a positive result; the harmonious work of the entire staff - in my opinion, is a very important moment, as your own attitude. It looks like I get back to the state when I don’t know what the drug is, but at the same time I clearly have an understanding that it is evil. It gives the confidence and makes me think positively. Conclusion: I’ve got a REAL result. Thank you. Maksim.

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  • Sergey

    My name is Sergey. I came to the clinic of Dr. Vasilenko with the aim to stop using drugs. I was in a bad condition. I thought I fell to the bottom. I had disgust for drugs, but I continued to use at home, because I was afraid of physical withdrawal. I couldn’t solve any common deals without drugs, I was ashamed to look into people's eyes, I had lots of other complexes. The main thing is that I treated badly to my mother, I realized it only here. The first week was hard, in a moral and in a physical ways, but it was easier than it was at home.

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  • Igor

    - Good afternoon. Could you please, introduce yourself? Where are you from? Why are you here? - I’m from the city of Bucha, Kyiv region. I came here to get treatment of addiction - methadone and opiates. - How long have you used the drugs? - I have used the drugs for a long time. Since I was fifteen years old, I have started to sniff an amphetamine and tramadol. Five years ago, I tried opiates. The last one and a half year I was on the system. - For how many years? - Well, I don’t know how to count. Since I was fifteen … I wouldn’t say that was an addiction, I realized it in this center. - Okay, how old are you? - I’m thirty years old. - Did you get treatment anywhere else?

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  • Vladimir

    Hello. My name is Vova, I’m 29 years old, from the city of Kiev. I came to the center Vasilenko as a guest. I got the treatment in 2009. I’m very happy to come back and see my doctors, to show how I am; and once again to visit the session. When I was a student, I tried a drug, and it changed my life. Thank God, I saw the link of the center on the Internet and fate brought me here. It was 2009, I had a treatment during one month, got coded and became a normal, adequate man. Six years passed, I came here and I’m very happy.

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  • Alexandr and his father

    - My son and I came to this center for the second time. Sasha was coded for one year and he didn’t use any drugs during that time. He wasn't codded from alcohol. In my opinion, looking at our example, the alcohol is a pathogen for drugs use. It started from a beer, Red Bull and his addiction to drugs came back. After six months, we understood that we should go back to the center. At this time, we had a full course of treatment, coded from drugs and alcohol. I want to address to the people who have scruples, it is necessary to be coded of alcohol immediately too. I’m telling this from my son’s experience, the alcohol is the pathogen for the drugs and pills usage.

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Press about us

  • Overcome yourself

    Only a desperate desire to live makes a person to make the only right step and returns it to the living.


    This story is no different from many stories of young people who were not able to overcome the difficulties of routine life and decided to escape from problems with the help of drugs into the world of illusions, fear and pain.

    While reading or hearing about drugs and drug abuse most of us do not accept a single thought that it can happen to us or our family. Andrew grew up in a family of teachers. Having a happy family, going to school, doing sports – nothing of this promised that he could become an addict. And who would have thought that a good person, an athlete that traveled about the entire Soviet Union since he was 15, suddenly could become an addict. At first everything seemed like a joke, but at some point he realized – there is no way back. Ten years of drug abuse put him on the brink, he thought then: “Whether you overcome yourself, or die”. At the time of those terrible days Andrew's wife took him to see Dr. Vitaly Vasylenko, who told him: "If you really want to get rid of this stuff, I'll help you. But if not, there is nothing and no one, who can help, you can just go and die, there is not much to wait." Andrew chose life.


    The "Cheers!" newspaper, February , 1999 More

  • A chance to live without a "needle" - reality or fiction?

    For the first time the unique method of addiction treatment was spoken about in the therapeutic department  of Zaporozhye city hospital, where it was successfully started by psychotherapist Vitaly Vasylenko in the 90’s of the last century.

    It is not a medical institution of strict regime with barred windows and a strict daily order.

    It is a common city hospital, with friendly atmosphere, friendly personnel and comfortable accommodation of patients with accompanying relatives. The center gives the last hope to those who have almost lost it – the hope to become a completely healthy person. Addiction is a disease and drug addicts are sick people, with a huge bunch of concomitant diseases: weak liver, heart, kidneys, etc. Dr. Vasylenko demonstrated that addiction is curable. This fact is confirmed by numerous patients who have returned from hell and started a normal life. Now they continue sending letters to doctors indicating their success. It is confirmed by the doctors involved in the treatment and rehabilitation.

    The "Zaporozka SICH" newspaper, June 17, 2000 More

  • Together we can fight the evil

    Addiction as a social phenomenon can be eradicated if to direct not only the efforts of doctors and patients’ relatives to its treatment, but also the influence of social organizations and political parties.

    Addicts are mostly young people between 16 and 30 years, and they are our future, our hope. Dr. Vitaly Vasylenko saved the lives of a hundred of patients, being engaged in the treatment of addicts and having developed and patented his own method. Using the method of super stress shock therapy, the doctor inserts his patients into a deep state of trance in which they physically experience a panic fear of drugs, a fear of death.

    Doctor psychotherapist of highest category - Vasylenko Vitaly Ivanovich claims that addiction is curable. However, drug addiction is also a disease of society: doctors and patients’ relatives deal with physical ailment and the society fights the illness with the help of public organizations and democratic forces. Only joint efforts can make us be sure that by sending our children to schools and universities, they won’t return as addicts.

    The "DS" newspaper, № 4, March, 2002 More

  • The miracle of the second birth

    This is what numerous ex-patients from Ukraine and other parts of the World say about the unique method of psychotherapist of the highest category Dr. Vitaly Vasylenko.

    Some people found out about the center from their acquaintances, some were advised by relatives of ex-addicts, others heard the information on the radio, television or saw in the Internet. The patients come to Medical Center of Dr. Vasylenko in different ways, but after the treatment they become healthy people again. Every other ex-patient sais, that they were reborn: the nightmares have stopped, they start noticing the change of seasons, the rustling grass, the child’s laughter. They can feel the beauty and joy of life again.   

    The "Zaporozka SICH" newspaper, March 26, 2002 More

  • To kill the insatiable beast

    The best proofs of the positive effect of the method of stress-shock therapy are the reviews of the patients, who have returned to life once and for all.

    You can tell about the unique method of treatment of drug abuse for a thousand times, but the patients, who had already been treated in other clinics, will hardly believe. They need proofs, real stories of cured patients.

    Dr. Vitaly Vasylenko has enough of such stories for many hours of telling, but instead of listening you can go and ask the patients: how they feel, if the treatment helps them or not. After a few minutes of conversation it becomes clear that all the stories are real: patients are afraid of their doctor, but trust him unconditionally and wait for every session with impatience and hope: "I went through a lot of clinics, including a very well-known one, but only after the psychotherapy of Vitaly Vasilenko, for the first time I felt that the drug is finally gone out of my head, out of the consciousness and subconsciousness..."

    The "Arguments and Facts in Ukraine" newspaper, № 21, May, 2002 More

  • Death as an exam

    For many years people from all over the world: from CIS countries, Germany, Greece, America, Israel, etc. come to drug addiction treatment center of Dr. Vasylenko.

    The Center of Dr. Vasilenko has no bars, locks or prison regulations. Here you are not treated as a misfit; here you will see friendly staff, friendly atmosphere, comfortable wards, and good food. People come here from all over the world to heal their souls. Many call the sessions of super stress shock therapy an exorcism, they call it a miracle. Dr. Vasylenko says: "When people say that I make miracles, I always answer: a miracle is in the man himself. I'm just helping him to believe in himself, to hate all the bad and to awake the good side."

    The dream of Dr. Vasylenko is the world without a single drug addict, even if he would have remained without work. But until then, his name goes from one patient to another by "chain". And the person, who really wants to recover sooner or later, becomes a link in this miracle chain.

    The "Arguments and Facts in Ukraine" newspaper, № 18, 2003 More

  • The treatment by death

    Your close person became a drug addict - it is the horror that cannot be understood by a not informed one, and you would not wish it to anyone. What should you do, where should you go with your problem?

    Many patients, after the treatment in different hospitals, after spending huge amounts of money, are in despair, they don’t believe anything. But despair is exactly the thing you should avoid, since the life of someone you love is at stake.

    The outlet for this people became the Medical Center of Dr. Vasilenko in Zaporozhye (Ukraine). What is the secret of Dr. Vasylenko’s success? Is it just an advertising stunt or time-tested method for those who have already lost hope and that death will become a deliverance from the torment? " The drug sits in my head, I cannot get rid of it" - so say a lot of addicted patients, that have gone through numerous rehab centers. Doctors from Medical Center of Dr. Vasylenko completely erase the craving for drugs from the minds of patients: even in their sleep they forget what it feels like being on high. Treatment by death, this name was given to the treatment by patients and even doctors: the patients are suggested that drug is death during the sessions.

    The "Your doctor" newspaper, № 45, 2004 More

  • Doctor Life

    The name of Dr. Vasylenko became a symbol of hope for thousands of addicts. Hard work, commitment, unwavering belief that the disease called "addiction" is curable allowed his patients to believe that there is a way out of this hell.

    The Center of Dr. Vasylenko is a common treatment facility without bars on the windows and the prison regime. The basic idea of ​​the clinic is that the addicts are ordinary patients, which can and must be treated. Besides therapeutic procedures performed in the center, there are unique stress-shock therapy sessions that break the connection: “the drug means pleasure and fun”, and introduces a new setting: “the drug means fear, pain, and death”. If previously there were only citizens of Zaporozhe and Ukraine among the patients of the center, now people from all over the world: Russia, Belarus, Germany, Israel, Turkey, Greece, etc. come to visit Dr. Life. For many years he proves on practice that life is beautiful and worth fighting for!

    The "MK in Ukraine" newspaper № 8, 2008. More

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How to get to our Center?

Drug treatment in Ukraine

The 21st century is the century of drug trafficking around the world. Despite the enhanced methods of preventing and controlling the spread of narcotic drugs, more and more people are seeking private and public health care institutions with only one aim: to find an adequate treatment of drug addiction.

In Ukraine, Russia and other post-Soviet countries addiction has reached epidemic proportions. Treatment of drug addicts becomes an important issue, because they harm their own health and become dangerous for other people. Along with that, addicts are at risk of the spread of serious infectious diseases such as HIV/ AIDS, hepatitis, tuberculosis, etc.

Addiction Treatment in the Medical Center of Dr. Vasylenko (Ukraine)

The treatment of drug addicts takes into account many factors such as the patient's age, the period of addiction, the type of drugs, health conditions, psychological characteristics, and what is most important - the desire to recover from a terrible addiction. Addiction treatment center of Dr. Vasylenko may become the salvation of the addict and his family. Here you can get the necessary help and support.

Medical Center of Dr. Vasylenko has existed for over 20 years. These are the 20 years of practice, experience and successful treatment. Highly qualified therapists, psychotherapists, and narcologists are working for you in our center every day. The whole team of medical staff works efficiently for the sake of your physical and psychological health. A distinctive feature of the center of Dr. Vasylenko is the complacent attitude to patients and their families.

It has been 20 years of successful development and appliance into practice of the original complex drug, alcohol and gambling addiction treatment. Removing of the psychological dependence consists of three components: the work of the doctor, his patient’s work and family support.  

Drug addiction and alcoholism are diseases of the whole family. Drug addiction treatment center of Dr. Vasylenko helps relatives and friends of the addict to overcome their codependency. Our doctors conduct psychotherapy sessions with co-dependent people, they help to reveal the causes and consequences of their behavior, explain how to deal with misbehavior, give the installation to a healthy future.

One day from the patient’s treatment in the center of Dr. Vasylenko

My morning starts at 9am. Then we have breakfast in our wards.

The therapeutic meeting for parents starts at 10.30. Our relatives that came to the center with us go to psychotherapy. In the meantime, I am visiting massage therapy or laser therapy. These sessions help me to cope with muscle aches and to return my body to life. Massage accelerates functional recovery of the body, and laser therapy stimulates biological processes and immune system in it.

After lunch at one o'clock, I visit the acupuncture session. My doctor selects specific points on my body, and then stimulates them with special needles. It is a rather unpleasant procedure, but it helps to relieve pain better than any medical drug.

Then I go to my therapist. Conversations with him help me to return to reality, to understand who I am, to learn to believe in myself again and to make plans for my future without drugs. I attend individual and group psychotherapy sessions during the day.

Twice a week I go to a cryotherapy session. The extreme low temperature in the cryosauna makes my body react with all its adaptation mechanisms. This is the best tool to fight withdrawal. The pain in muscles and joints becomes less intensive, my skin becomes more elastic, the process of organs restoring begins, and I get normal sleep.

We also do yoga. Yoga is a wonderful way to bring the peace to mind, to know my capabilities and myself better.  

Later in the afternoon, the preparation for the main stage of my treatment of drug addiction begins. For example, holotropic breathing sessions. It is the special technique of rapid and deep breathing. It helps to achieve a state of altered consciousness in which my doctor helps me to work out my internal conflicts and resolve crises. It is a powerful drug-free way to fight drug addiction.

In addition, of course, after dinner the evening sessions with Dr. Vasylenko start! He conducts the sessions of stress shock therapy for over 20 years. He has saved so many lives! The method is tough but effective. Through hypnosis, we relive the horror that we have experienced and caused to our relatives. Vitaly Ivanovich inspires aversion to drugs and alcohol. Our attitude starts to change from the first sessions, and with each subsequent one, even a thought about the drug causes a vomiting reflex, wild fear and hatred.

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