What drugs teens abuse?

You may think that your house is drug free, but your teenager thinks otherwise.

Be careful, because substance dependence can start right at your home. If you or someone you know abuse different substances, do not waste time, call us and get treatment until it is not too late.

Many of today's youth abuse trends are shocking because they can be found among the everyday items. If previously a hairspray or glue could raise the alarm, now ten times more substances may be hazardous to your teenager. Could you ever think that hand sanitizer or children's cough syrup can be used as drugs of abuse? Hand sanitizer contains alcohol. Think before you give it to your child. A simple piece of soap and water can be much safer.

The current trend of drug abuse among young people.

Moreover, teens can use spices that you use in baking. There are videos with teenagers who drink, smoke and ingest large quantities of nutmeg, spread all over the Internet. This spice contains myristicin, which causes hallucinations and euphoria.

Cough Syrup is another substance to which teenagers can become addicted. They drink a few bottles of syrup and get "high" from the active ingredient - dextromethorphan.

Aroma mixtures. If you love the sweet smell of aroma compounds, then your teenager loves it in particular. Your child can smoke these mixtures of spices and flower petals. If you think that they are just a few components, in fact, they are much more. Pay attention to what you are buying to your house. Talk to your teen, tell about the dangers of large quantities of these substances.