Addiction treatment in the center of Dr. Vasylenko

Drug addiction treatment is a necessity.

Addiction treatment takes a special niche in medical practice, because addiction itself is both a mental and a physical disease. It spreads all over the world at the speed of light. Every week there appear new kinds of drugs, and the number of people willing to try them does not decrease, despite all the dangers that these drugs pose. Doctors, narcologists, therapists, psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists and other specialists in the field of alternative medicine worldwide are creating and developing methods to fight this disease. An important issue is also the fact that most people are ashamed of their addiction; this is why very often they are interested in the anonymous treatment of addiction.

Shame and denial of their addiction become an obstacle to the process of recovery, both for the addict and for his attending physician.

Another obstacle is the lack of patient’s confidence in his or her own strength. Moreover, it is partly true. Addiction is a disease that originally comes from the person’s mind. A lot of rehab centers use hypnosis as the basis of addiction treatment methods. In the rehabilitation center of Dr. Vasylenko we use hypnosis as well, the difference is that it is based on the method of super stress-shock therapy. This method is sometimes referred to as “healing by death”. Thanks to his superhuman ability to influence the subconsciousness of a person, Dr. Vitaly Vasylenko makes the essence of an addict inside his patient die, so the patient could be reborn to this world as a personality.

During the sessions of stress-shock therapy, the addicted patients go through all the horrors of hell that they have caused to their loved ones. They see themselves through the eyes of their family members and other people, who have suffered all this time because of the drugs. Their addicted personality dies, and their human inner “I” is reborn free from drugs, or alcohol, or any other thing that caused the addiction. The special type of hypnosis erases all the memories about euphoria, cravings, or any other pleasure that was associated with addiction. In the mind of the patient remains nothing but pain, fear, disgust till vomiting, if the drug is only mentioned next to him or her. You can’t find such method in any other addiction treatment or rehabilitation center in the world. It was developed and patented by Dr. Vasylenko and his team of experts, and it is impossible to convey the method to others.

The main conditions of 100% success in the treatment is:


Addiction treatment in the center of Dr. Vasylenko

The medical center for treatment of addiction of Dr. Vasylenko provides its patients with a comprehensive, individually selected, anonymous treatment of the addiction.

The treatment is divided into several stages. Immediately after admission to treatment the patient undergoes full detoxification of the body. Besides medication means, the body is purified with the help of:

  • hirudotherapy,
  • laser therapy,
  • lymphatic drainage.

Thus, blood gets rid of the drug and its residual elements. Many patients suffer from sleeping disorders.

  • Criosauna,
  • massage,
  • yoga,
  • individually chosen medicines

help them to recover. Our physicians monitor the patient’s physical condition. The time of all procedures and their number is selected individually for each patient, depending on physiological parameters of his or her health. Health status and vital organs indicators improve during the first two weeks of stay in the rehabilitation center of Dr. Vasylenko. The patients get relief from muscle pain and other symptoms of drug withdrawal, their sleep and appetite normalize.

The next step is to destroy the inner essence of an addict inside a person and bringing back to normal life. This process is going during the sessions of stress-shock therapy. Holotropic breathing helps to get prepared for the sessions, and then the shock helps to fix the result.

The next step is up to the patient. He or she must make every effort to restore the individuality that was destroyed by drugs. The medical center of Dr. Vasylenko employs highly qualified therapists who specialize in the rehabilitation of the individuality. They help the addict in this long and hard process. They also teach the family of an addict how they should behave in order to avoid all possible relapse after the discharge from the center.

The final stage of treatment is the encoding with a special polyvalent serum, and the provocation of its action (on the desire of the patient).

The Medical Center of Dr. Vasylenko guarantees anonymous addiction treatment, with accompanying family members’ accommodation. You can read the reviews about the treatment on the website of our center.

The main condition​ for success is YOUR voluntary and not compulsory desire to undergo the addiction treatment and rehabilitation