How to help an addict?

When you face the task of helping an addict, you need to decide two things:

  • Are you ready to absolutely follow the recommendations of your doctor?
  • Are you ready to change the life of an addict together with your own?

Many people believe that drug addicts are washed-up; they give up on them and don’t want to do anything to change the situation. However the life of a person you love and the life of the whole family depend on your decision. You can ask all questions on the website of the clinic.

A drug addict is a person with a particular illness.

The complexity of this illness is hidden in the mind of an addict: the soul hurts and the body is destroying. The fact is that an addict destroys his or her body with one’s own hands, but the initial trigger for such a behavior hides in a specific disorder, the so-called narcogenic psychological readiness. This is why drug or alcohol addicted people definitely need help. If you decide to make a step towards recovery, or to help your loved one to get rid of drug addiction, you will need help from a professional.

You can find information about how to behave, how to react or even how to talk with the addict on the official website of Medical center of Dr. Vasylenko. The main purpose of our center is to help addicted people and their families. Highly qualified psychotherapists and therapists have developed special methods aimed at the psychological addiction treatment and the prevention of further relapse. Call us or receive a free anonymous counseling, you will learn how to:

  • Help your loved ones to overcome addiction,
  • Cope with endless lies,
  • Rebuild your life,
  • Stop destructing relationships, and many more.

Contact us and get your treatment in time.


Psychological help and rehab for drug and alcohol addicts

Addiction is a special illness.

You cannot cure it by pressure, reproaches and quarrels. To cure addiction you must identify its cause, taking into account the fact that sometimes addiction is provoked by psychological disorders, and therefore it is necessary to treat the psyche. And sometimes addiction itself triggers psychological disorders. Never forget that only a specialist can be engaged in the diagnosing and treatment. The medical center of Dr. Vasylenko provides anonymous help to addicts. In the course of treatment we will:

  • Determine what caused the addiction,
  • Find the trigger of the relapse,
  • Show you alternative ways of dealing with stress.

In our center you will learn everything about the mechanism of relapse, and how you can avoid it, you will learn to work out your own plan of relapse prevention, so you could predict its coming.

It is not easy to stay clean at home after the treatment, when the drug has left the body, but sadness, depression, loneliness are still inside. The rehab center of Dr. Vasylenko is the place where you can find peace and learn how to deal with your psychological anguish. Our doctors will help you to gain confidence, they will teach you how to set goals and achieve them step by step, how to relax with any alternative method, that excludes drugs and alcohol.

Psychological assistance in our center is provided not only to addicts, but also to their families. On your own experience you will learn about the codependency phenomenon, why it is bad and why is it necessary to get rid of it.

During the rehabilitation in the medical center of Dr. Vasylenko the patients not only restore their body from a toxic influence of a chemical substance, but also restore their souls, families and lives.

To forget about drugs, to kill the addicted essence inside, to get anonymous comprehensive psychological help, to receive treatment and become a healthy and cheerful person again you can by contacting our consultant on the website or by calling us. Do not limit yourself by physical or geographical boundaries. The help is available to any person. We provide an interpreter for our foreign patients.

You can find out the details of the treatment, rehabilitation, prevention, as well as feedbacks of former drug addicts by phone (619)971 73 01 (the United States of America), +7 (495) 989 85 53 (Moscow), 38 (061) 764 42 32, +38 (099) 791 95 05, +38 (063) 401 57 01 (Ukraine), or by filling in the form on the official website of the Medical Center of Dr. Vasylenko.