The rehabilitation of drug addicted people is inevitable

Drug addicts rehab is inevitable.

The process of drug rehab is a direct consequence of drug addiction treatment. A simple detoxification is not enough to quit drugs for good . A person must learn how to live a healthy way of life, otherwise the old patterns of behavior may cause a relapse. Unfortunately, there is no quick and easy way for an addict to return to normal life. Overcoming this disease requires complete dedication and desire to be clean.

In the center of Dr. Vasylenko, we have created all conditions for a healthy recovery of your personality. Our psychotherapists are working in several fields of rehabilitation and re-socialization of the individuality. Under the kind influence of our medical personnel patients start seeing the danger of their former behavior; they realize the opportunity of a new healthy start. Our specialists are also working with the environment of the patient, and with family members. There is a special group therapy for those relatives, who come to support the addict during the treatment. During this therapy they are taught new patterns of behavior, so they could change the previous wrong strategy that caused the addiction.

In the center doctors also help to develop the spiritual and cultural side of the patient.

  • Art therapy,
  • music lessons,
  • dancing classes are held.

The rehab in the Medical center of Dr. Vasylenko

The addiction treatment center of Dr. Vasylenko is your chance to see life through other eyes. A chance to find a way of fighting the depression. Return to life!


Everything is done so the patient could find a new way to deal with depression and loneliness.

The rehabilitation of patients after addiction in many ways defines their future. Here they must learn to live the way they will do it at home.

The main tasks of the social rehabilitation of drug addicts in the Medical center of Dr. Vasylenko are:

  1. To create new healthy lifestyle, to work out new behavioral patterns and strategies that will prevent relapse in the future.
  2. To improve the relationships with family members, trustworthy communication and creative growth.
  3. To inform the patients about their actions’ consequences, the causes of the addiction, and following the way to recovery.
  4. To help with stress and depression management.
  5. To reveal personal resources of the patient, which foster healthy lifestyle on the basis of “self-concept”.
  6. To build the patients’ own system of values, goals and objectives; opportunities to make one’s own choices and self-control of behavior.
  7. To develop skills of assessing the situation.
  8. To develop the ability to communicate with others, empathize and offer support.
  9. To form a positive attitude toward oneself, teach properly to evaluate themselves and their capabilities.
  10. To teach how to assess the negative situations properly, how to find their causes and ways to correct the situation.
  11. To develop one’s self-control.
  12. To develop one’s self-examination.
  13. To form skills of identifying the short-term goals and executing them.
  14. To form skills of taking responsibility for the consequences of the behavior.

After the rehab in Medical center of Dr. Vasylenko the patients often leave feedbacks. They tell that they were “reborn to this world”. They return to their families, they return to their children. Now they appreciate the most sacred thing in their lives – their own families and parents. The patients, that left their unhealthy environment completely; changed their lives, their attitude towards life and drugs; continue developing their personality; that care for their physical, emotional and mental condition – really quit drugs for good.

You can find out the details on the cost of the treatment and rehabilitation in the Medical center of Dr. Vasylenko by contacting a free consultant on the website.