Overcome yourself

Overcome yourself

Only a desperate desire to live makes a person to make the only right step and returns it to the living.


This story is no different from many stories of young people who were not able to overcome the difficulties of routine life and decided to escape from problems with the help of drugs into the world of illusions, fear and pain.

While reading or hearing about drugs and drug abuse most of us do not accept a single thought that it can happen to us or our family. Andrew grew up in a family of teachers. Having a happy family, going to school, doing sports – nothing of this promised that he could become an addict. And who would have thought that a good person, an athlete that traveled about the entire Soviet Union since he was 15, suddenly could become an addict. At first everything seemed like a joke, but at some point he realized – there is no way back. Ten years of drug abuse put him on the brink, he thought then: “Whether you overcome yourself, or die”. At the time of those terrible days Andrew's wife took him to see Dr. Vitaly Vasylenko, who told him: "If you really want to get rid of this stuff, I'll help you. But if not, there is nothing and no one, who can help, you can just go and die, there is not much to wait." Andrew chose life.

The "Cheers!" newspaper, February , 1999

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  • Doctor Life

    The name of Dr. Vasylenko became a symbol of hope for thousands of addicts. Hard work, commitment, unwavering belief that the disease called "addiction" is curable allowed his patients to believe that there is a way out of this hell.

    The Center of Dr. Vasylenko is a common treatment facility without bars on the windows and the prison regime. The basic idea of ​​the clinic is that the addicts are ordinary patients, which can and must be treated. Besides therapeutic procedures performed in the center, there are unique stress-shock therapy sessions that break the connection: “the drug means pleasure and fun”, and introduces a new setting: “the drug means fear, pain, and death”. If previously there were only citizens of Zaporozhe and Ukraine among the patients of the center, now people from all over the world: Russia, Belarus, Germany, Israel, Turkey, Greece, etc. come to visit Dr. Life. For many years he proves on practice that life is beautiful and worth fighting for!

    The "MK in Ukraine" newspaper № 8, 2008. More

  • The treatment by death

    Your close person became a drug addict - it is the horror that cannot be understood by a not informed one, and you would not wish it to anyone. What should you do, where should you go with your problem?

    Many patients, after the treatment in different hospitals, after spending huge amounts of money, are in despair, they don’t believe anything. But despair is exactly the thing you should avoid, since the life of someone you love is at stake.

    The outlet for this people became the Medical Center of Dr. Vasilenko in Zaporozhye (Ukraine). What is the secret of Dr. Vasylenko’s success? Is it just an advertising stunt or time-tested method for those who have already lost hope and that death will become a deliverance from the torment? " The drug sits in my head, I cannot get rid of it" - so say a lot of addicted patients, that have gone through numerous rehab centers. Doctors from Medical Center of Dr. Vasylenko completely erase the craving for drugs from the minds of patients: even in their sleep they forget what it feels like being on high. Treatment by death, this name was given to the treatment by patients and even doctors: the patients are suggested that drug is death during the sessions.

    The "Your doctor" newspaper, № 45, 2004 More

  • Death as an exam

    For many years people from all over the world: from CIS countries, Germany, Greece, America, Israel, etc. come to drug addiction treatment center of Dr. Vasylenko.

    The Center of Dr. Vasilenko has no bars, locks or prison regulations. Here you are not treated as a misfit; here you will see friendly staff, friendly atmosphere, comfortable wards, and good food. People come here from all over the world to heal their souls. Many call the sessions of super stress shock therapy an exorcism, they call it a miracle. Dr. Vasylenko says: "When people say that I make miracles, I always answer: a miracle is in the man himself. I'm just helping him to believe in himself, to hate all the bad and to awake the good side."

    The dream of Dr. Vasylenko is the world without a single drug addict, even if he would have remained without work. But until then, his name goes from one patient to another by "chain". And the person, who really wants to recover sooner or later, becomes a link in this miracle chain.

    The "Arguments and Facts in Ukraine" newspaper, № 18, 2003 More

  • To kill the insatiable beast

    The best proofs of the positive effect of the method of stress-shock therapy are the reviews of the patients, who have returned to life once and for all.

    You can tell about the unique method of treatment of drug abuse for a thousand times, but the patients, who had already been treated in other clinics, will hardly believe. They need proofs, real stories of cured patients.

    Dr. Vitaly Vasylenko has enough of such stories for many hours of telling, but instead of listening you can go and ask the patients: how they feel, if the treatment helps them or not. After a few minutes of conversation it becomes clear that all the stories are real: patients are afraid of their doctor, but trust him unconditionally and wait for every session with impatience and hope: "I went through a lot of clinics, including a very well-known one, but only after the psychotherapy of Vitaly Vasilenko, for the first time I felt that the drug is finally gone out of my head, out of the consciousness and subconsciousness..."

    The "Arguments and Facts in Ukraine" newspaper, № 21, May, 2002 More

  • The miracle of the second birth

    This is what numerous ex-patients from Ukraine and other parts of the World say about the unique method of psychotherapist of the highest category Dr. Vitaly Vasylenko.

    Some people found out about the center from their acquaintances, some were advised by relatives of ex-addicts, others heard the information on the radio, television or saw in the Internet. The patients come to Medical Center of Dr. Vasylenko in different ways, but after the treatment they become healthy people again. Every other ex-patient sais, that they were reborn: the nightmares have stopped, they start noticing the change of seasons, the rustling grass, the child’s laughter. They can feel the beauty and joy of life again.   

    The "Zaporozka SICH" newspaper, March 26, 2002 More

  • Together we can fight the evil

    Addiction as a social phenomenon can be eradicated if to direct not only the efforts of doctors and patients’ relatives to its treatment, but also the influence of social organizations and political parties.

    Addicts are mostly young people between 16 and 30 years, and they are our future, our hope. Dr. Vitaly Vasylenko saved the lives of a hundred of patients, being engaged in the treatment of addicts and having developed and patented his own method. Using the method of super stress shock therapy, the doctor inserts his patients into a deep state of trance in which they physically experience a panic fear of drugs, a fear of death.

    Doctor psychotherapist of highest category - Vasylenko Vitaly Ivanovich claims that addiction is curable. However, drug addiction is also a disease of society: doctors and patients’ relatives deal with physical ailment and the society fights the illness with the help of public organizations and democratic forces. Only joint efforts can make us be sure that by sending our children to schools and universities, they won’t return as addicts.

    The "DS" newspaper, № 4, March, 2002 More

  • A chance to live without a "needle" - reality or fiction?

    For the first time the unique method of addiction treatment was spoken about in the therapeutic department  of Zaporozhye city hospital, where it was successfully started by psychotherapist Vitaly Vasylenko in the 90’s of the last century.

    It is not a medical institution of strict regime with barred windows and a strict daily order.

    It is a common city hospital, with friendly atmosphere, friendly personnel and comfortable accommodation of patients with accompanying relatives. The center gives the last hope to those who have almost lost it – the hope to become a completely healthy person. Addiction is a disease and drug addicts are sick people, with a huge bunch of concomitant diseases: weak liver, heart, kidneys, etc. Dr. Vasylenko demonstrated that addiction is curable. This fact is confirmed by numerous patients who have returned from hell and started a normal life. Now they continue sending letters to doctors indicating their success. It is confirmed by the doctors involved in the treatment and rehabilitation.

    The "Zaporozka SICH" newspaper, June 17, 2000 More