Here you can learn more about our center, see its exterior and interior, the wards and the hall for sessions, gym. As you can see, there are no bars on the windows. The center is constituted as a recreation facility on a voluntary basis only. From one side the center overlooks the central avenue of the city, from the other - the cozy patio with flowerbeds and a gazebo. Everything is provided for the comfort of our patients.

The medical center of Dr. Vasylenko has been practicing for more than 20 years. It is comfortably situated in the center of the city with lots of stores and malls, two parks and an effective transportation nearby.

We provide complete information about the methods of addiction treatment and conditions of stay in the hospital to potential customers of our center and to their relatives and companions.


The professional team of the rehabilitation center of Dr. Vasylenko constantly develops and improves the original method of drug and alcohol addiction treatment. The main element of the treatment is the stress shock therapy conducted by Dr. Vitaly Vasylenko. He plunges the patients into a special state of trance with the help of original techniques and changes their attitude toward the substance of abuse. Thousands of patients have been cured for those 20 years and now they lead a normal healthy life, create families and build their own business.

In this section you can see the living conditions in our clinic, as well as medical personnel. You also can learn more about the treatment in our center and be aware of what is waiting for you after arrival.

All rooms are equipped with orthopedic beds, refrigerators, air conditioning and TV. Wards have private bathrooms.