Gambling can kill you faster than drugs or alcohol

Among all the destructive habits in the world gambling seems the “safest” one. It does not damage liver or other body organs. It does not cause nausea. It is all about money.

You can comfort yourself with such an excuse until the moment of a despair.

In most cases, your organism regulates the money you spend on your addiction. You drink and abuse as much as your body can survive. Unfortunately, these rules cannot be applied to gambling. Financial damage plays here a very important role. Suicide rates among gamblers are staggeringly high.

One of five compulsive gamblers commits a suicide. Depression and anxiety are also common among gamblers. The reasons for such a behavior are numerous debts. Studies have shown that 110 suicides a year are associated with debts. Most of these suicides are middle-aged men who were married and had a job.

In modern society, the life without money is much more difficult than the life without alcohol or drugs. When you stop drinking or abusing drugs, you can get your life back, find a job and rejoin your family. However, it is very hard to think about life and family when your gambling debt is twice as much as your annual income. This situation often pushes people to desperate measures.

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