Reviews about the treatment in the center


40 years old

Ukraine, Nikolaev

- Hello. My name is Ruslan. I came from Nikolaev city. I found out about this center from people like me, who were treated in this institution. I packed my staff and came here. - What was the problem? - I was addicted to opiates. When I came here, I was amazed by everything. I have started the treatment and I succeed. I used to make a serum injection for five years. That serum was of drugs and alcohol. When I came back home, during one month I couldn’t come to one's senses. Then I have found a job and now everything is fine! The job, family and home – there is all what I need. I don’t see my ex-friends. I don’t communicate with them.
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33 years old

Ukraine, Kharkov

- Hello. - Good afternoon. - Could you please tell me, where are you come from? - I came from the Kharkov city. - Why did you decide to be treated in the clinic of Dr. Vasilenko? - On some day, I got that idea, because I couldn’t delay it anymore. I have found out about this clinic from former friends. - Were they treated in this center? - Yes, they were here. I decided to come, because I saw an example of successful treatment. Exactly in this clinic. I didn’t go to the other clinics. - You immediately came here, didn’t you? - Yes, I did. I knew that I would get an appropriate treatment only here. It was the one, which interested me. I wasn’t interested in a treatment which removed only physical dependence.
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25 years old

Russia, Sverdlovsk

- I have been staying here for one and a half month. My liver tests have incredibly improved. I didn’t believe, that they could help me to put my liver condition to rights. - Nastya, people who come here tell me, that the main thing is to remove…Well I don’t know, someone calls it a worm, or mice…Have you become free of this? - Before I came here people told me that in this place cravings to the drugs could be removed. And it is really turned out to be the most important thing. Everyone said that after the third shock I would not remember. After the third shock, I went out and I couldn’t remember about carvings. Three and half years have passed, I don’t try to remember, but If I set thinking about it, I don’t get it.
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33 years old

Russia, Mitischy, Moscow region

- Hello. - Could you please tell me, where are you come from? - I came from the Moscow region. - Why did you decide to get treatment in Vasilenko’s clinic? - During the years of using drugs, I have tried many clinics. I had been threatening in regular government hospitals, and rehab centers, but it was unsuccessful. - How did you know about our center? - My wife has found an information on the Internet. We have a long conversation, we found out about doctor Vasilenko, who lives in Ukraine, in the Zaporozhye city, and he has an electroshock therapy. I was a little bit scared about it. We packed out staff and went to the clinic, because we didn’t have another alternative.
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35 years old

Crimea, Dzhankoy

- Hello, my name is Dima. I came from the Crimea. At the age of sixteen, I tried an amphetamine and a heroin. Since that time I couldn’t stop. I tried to recover and visited different clinics, but there was no sense. I was in Genichesk in the center "Salvation". I looked for salvation in God, but there was only disappointing. I don’t advice anyone that institution. Later I found information about the center of Dr. Vasilenko on the Internet. I came here and people treated me as an ill person (not as a drug addict). I got a high level of help. - Dima, could you please tell me, what were the feelings when you came here?
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