Reviews about the treatment in the center


30 years old

Ukraine, Bucha, Kiev region

- Good afternoon. Could you please, introduce yourself? Where are you from? Why are you here? - I’m from the city of Bucha, Kyiv region. I came here to get treatment of addiction - methadone and opiates. - How long have you used the drugs? - I have used the drugs for a long time. Since I was fifteen years old, I have started to sniff an amphetamine and tramadol. Five years ago, I tried opiates. The last one and a half year I was on the system. - For how many years? - Well, I don’t know how to count. Since I was fifteen … I wouldn’t say that was an addiction, I realized it in this center. - Okay, how old are you? - I’m thirty years old. - Did you get treatment anywhere else?
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29 years old

Ukraine, Kiev

Hello. My name is Vova, I’m 29 years old, from the city of Kiev. I came to the center Vasilenko as a guest. I got the treatment in 2009. I’m very happy to come back and see my doctors, to show how I am; and once again to visit the session. When I was a student, I tried a drug, and it changed my life. Thank God, I saw the link of the center on the Internet and fate brought me here. It was 2009, I had a treatment during one month, got coded and became a normal, adequate man. Six years passed, I came here and I’m very happy.
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Alexandr and his father

27 years old

Ukraine, Ivano-Frankivsk

- My son and I came to this center for the second time. Sasha was coded for one year and he didn’t use any drugs during that time. He wasn't codded from alcohol. In my opinion, looking at our example, the alcohol is a pathogen for drugs use. It started from a beer, Red Bull and his addiction to drugs came back. After six months, we understood that we should go back to the center. At this time, we had a full course of treatment, coded from drugs and alcohol. I want to address to the people who have scruples, it is necessary to be coded of alcohol immediately too. I’m telling this from my son’s experience, the alcohol is the pathogen for the drugs and pills usage.
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Valentina & Svetlana

25 years old

Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk

We are expressin our gratitude to Dr. Vasilenko V.I. and the entire staff of the clinic for sensitive attention to patients. We admire the talent and nobility of this man. We are eternally grateful.
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33 years old

Ukraine, Kiev

- Introduce yourself. - My name is Julia, from Kiev city. I’m 33 years old. I’m a happy wife and mother of two-year-old boy. I was treated in this clinic nine years ago. I was a drug addict and my drug was pervitin. Beyond that, there were all related drugs: cocaine, heroin, opiates, and weed. It all started with light drugs, but then it switched to more complex level. For this moment, I have nine years of sobriety. After the treatment I made serum injection for one year, a year later I went back and prolonged with a capsule for another three years.
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