Review about the treatment in the center


38 years old

Ukraine, Odessa

I came here in 2012; the problem was drug and alcohol addiction. I had drug addiction to hard drugs: heroin, methadone, and related...

- You tried to be treated several times, didn’t you?

-  I tried some medicines, medical treatment method, but there was no effect, pain just relieves and psychological dependence remains, nothing in my head has changed.

 - How did you know about our center?

 - On the Internet.

 - Tell us what you are doing in the centre?

- In this treatment I like the fact that we are busy all day long, we have practically  no free time. But we are not engaged in something annoying, we are busy helping ourselves.

- That is working with therapists...?

- In addition to working with the therapists, we have all sorts of treatments...

- For example, can you name?

- Well, one of the procedures that I like, it cryosauna, lymphatic drainage - is also a very useful and good thing. It affects the liver, because this is a problem of almost everyone among drug addicts. Liver problems is an issue that is also solved here. We do it in the morning, there is some free time to relax, a gym, tennis, billiards, fitness equipment ... we have something to do the whole day, and there is practically no free time. There are groups, there is yoga at will, and we can have a massage. Massage is also a very good thing, I liked it. I never missed a session while I was here. Treatment, work on yourself- all this give the effect that for three years I do not drink. Nothing at all.

- And you do not want to?

 - Absolutely nothing. No alcohol, no drugs, no, actually, no, I do not drink. I have a completely healthy lifestyle. All this is not connected to me. Everything that people (drug addicts.) enjoy, it has departed from me. Completely.

- Are you here for the second time?

- I'm here, it turns out that for the third time.

 - You come here to maintain, for prevention?

- I come here to recode from alcohol, to calm the family. I have the time,  when I am  confident that everything will be okay, but still  it is better ... to kill a drug addict is not so easy as it seems at the first glance. What Vitaly Ivanovich gives in his clinic, well, anywhere else I have not seen it. I only saw that withdrawal was removed, but mentally, psychologically I was a sick man. And in my head there still remained the same worm, which...

-Was eating you? –

... Tearing apart. Not just ate, but tore to pieces, and I could do nothing to him.The evening sessions, which are held by Vitaly Ivanovich, is the main treatment. Everything else can be found in any other clinic: the same medicines and therapists are the same as can be and the same procedures, but the most important thing is that I could meet nowhere else - these evening sessions...

-Can you tell about them in details?

- Evening sessions - this is a very powerful thing, without which the treatment is simply impossible. If you don’t work in the session, do not deal with them, if you do not want to kill a drug-addicted person and live a free life, live for your family, for your child, then it is impossible without a session. In the session   you need to work, you need to spread it all through yourself. Because if you don’t let it go through in the session, you will never get rid of this state of mind that you have buried somewhere very deep and to pull it out, you need to experience it all. All this grief that you did to your parents, family, wife, friends. And only when you feel it all inside and out, from the tips of your toes, ending the hair on the head, only then you will understand what it is, what grief, what a real muck, of which you can easily get rid if you wish. It is easy! If you want to. I believe that I have a big experience, and for some reason I thought that to treat methadone dependence is almost impossible.. It's very real. I cannot say for 100%, because 100% each of us will never be able to say in terms of drug use, but I hope very much that it is gone forever, and it will never return. At least I am sure of myself. I do not want anything, I just want to live. Live and work. I have a lot to settle in my life after 2012. Family, work ... I regained trust, that which was lost.

One of the main results of treatment by Vitaly - is that you stop lying. Besides the fact that you stop to eat, you stop lying. And all this together gives a result that you haven’t expected. When I came here, I did not expect it would be so. I did not expect that I could stop lying and stop using, because I did it almost all my life. At least since, I remember. I remember my childhood, and I remember the drug, I don’t remember anything then. I thought that nothing could be done. But Vitaly is a very strong person, and such people are very few. Not even the fact that very little, he may be the only one. With such an energy he can really help people ... I personally have never seen such people in my life. You come to him for a session, and you want to go for a session to him, you want to experience it all, you want to get through it all, although this is an unpleasant procedure. They are picking you; you have to go through a lot of stuff, through such corners of your soul, which you did not even know that they were in you. And Vitaly gets this all out of you, puts in front of you on a silver platter, and tells you, "This one is your life full of lies, full of shit, but the second life is free, clean ..." and you're making a choice by yourself. I chose in the third session. In the first two sessions, I did not understand what was happening. Like many of the guys who come here.Many of them do not understand what is happening. Then, in the third session, I realized what it was, in the third session, I swore to myself that I would never in my life touch this muck, alcohol, drugs. 

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  • Olga
    45 years old

    I’m the one of those mothers who have gone through the most terrible tragedy - the junkie son. I have lost hope of recovery and got only emptiness, sadness and longing because of despair. Nevertheless, who believes and wants to pull out own child from the deep pool of drug, will find a way out from the difficult situation. In our case, we saw that way, when read an article “Drug addiction is curable” in the “Komsomolka” newspaper. Immediately we went to the Zaporizhzhya city, hospital №1, to the Dr. Vasilenko, who was mentioned in that article.

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    - Could you please tell me more about yourself? - My name is Sotiris. I come from Greece. I’m 25 years old. I have been depended to drugs since I was 13 years old. I came to this clinic, to Vitaliy Ivanovich, and had been treated...

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  • Ivan
    33 years old

    My name is Ivan Ivanovich, I was addicted to drugs one and a half year ago. I was treated in many institutions, but nothing could help me. I found out about this unique method from a friend of mine, he underwent the treatment by Vitaliy Ivanovich. I immediately called to the center. My wife and I arrived to the institution and I was struck by the attitude of medical staff, they were like sisters, and I got so much sympathy to my illness. I believe that addiction is a disease, but only here I convinced that it could be cured. Thanks to Vitaliy Ivanovich I lost carving and I don’t want to hear anything about drugs and alcohol.

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  • Maksim
    31 years old

    With gratitude. I would like to mention a few points, such as strong energy which is emanating from Vitaliy Ivanovich - it is initially gives a confidence and disposes for a positive result; the harmonious work of the entire staff - in my opinion, is a very important moment, as your own attitude. It looks like I get back to the state when I don’t know what the drug is, but at the same time I clearly have an understanding that it is evil. It gives the confidence and makes me think positively. Conclusion: I’ve got a REAL result. Thank you. Maksim.

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  • Sergey
    25 years old

    My name is Sergey. I came to the clinic of Dr. Vasilenko with the aim to stop using drugs. I was in a bad condition. I thought I fell to the bottom. I had disgust for drugs, but I continued to use at home, because I was afraid of physical withdrawal. I couldn’t solve any common deals without drugs, I was ashamed to look into people's eyes, I had lots of other complexes. The main thing is that I treated badly to my mother, I realized it only here. The first week was hard, in a moral and in a physical ways, but it was easier than it was at home.

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  • Valentina & Svetlana
    25 years old

    We are expressin our gratitude to Dr. Vasilenko V.I. and the entire staff of the clinic for sensitive attention to patients. We admire the talent and nobility of this man. We are eternally grateful.

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