Review about the treatment in the center


34 years old

Ukraine, Zaporozhye

- Hello. Introduce yourself, please. Tell me more about yourself.

- My name is Pavel. I came from Zaporozhian region. What about me? I started to use drugs long time ago. When I came to Zaporozhye for studying, I used  tramadol, after that –  alcohol. I got a job on the mine. After drinking, I started to use severe drugs. A friend of mine gave me  perventin. I drank it. When I didn't have the Vint, I made an injection of heroine. I needed 10 cubes of heroine per day. I lost my first family, my wife and daughter. My wife couldn't cope with it and she went to another man. After a year and half I got married for the second time. She had a child already, and she made me a present for my 30th Birthday and gave a birth to our son - Pavel Pavlovich. During three years, I used drugs and alcohol, I didn't attend  my wife, I broke up with her and I was with another woman, because she had  free drugs. My second wife left me two times. I was alone at home, without wife, children and money. I felt bad, because of withdrawal. I remember how my mother told me about this clinic. That time I didn't attach any importance. I came to my mother, there were my wife and children, and I said: «Mom, I'm ready for  treatment. I can't live like this anymore".  At  first , I thought that I could quit it by myself. However, you know - it is only in your mind, physically you can't quit. I came to the clinic in the evening, on the evening session. After the session, I said to my mother: «We will be treated". From the first session I was in trance, I screamed. After that, I went to the stress-shock therapy. People, you should visit this therapy immediately. It really helps. The most important - I've have been in this clinic for 3 weeks and I don't remember Vint's high condition. I don't remember it at all. That was the most important thing for me. On these sessions, I felt the pain of my mother and wife. Every session is different. I saw everything from my mother’s, father’s and loved wife’s side. I saw what I have done during these years. Moreover, it really hurts. I've screamed like this for a week, guys asked me to be a little bit quiter. However, I couldn't, it was so hard. After every session, I asked for forgiving. Now my reaction is more quiet. I'm feeling physical pain. Seems like I'm transforming into an embryo and trying...I've tried not to scream, but the physical pain is more terrifying than withdrawal. I can't live without this session. I don't know how I will go home. I don't miss out the stress- shock therapy. I know the guys who were afraid of it. I think I have made it twelve times.  From time to time, I engage in competition with people to get to the stress-shock therapy. I think it erases "memories of high condition". I feel "cool" myself after "shock". I forget everything. It erases all negative that you have passed through yourself on the session - the pain. It turns you on and rises your level. On Wednesdays, we have a holotrop breathing, without shock-therapy,for  1.5 hour I'm trying to get myself together. When I have shock therapy, it passes easier. I don't know, some people like it, some don’t. This is not a masochism.

- You mean it kills that man who you were before...

- Yes, the man who I was before... Moreover, I like that I came here and found my way. I just had a conversation with my wife. I said: «I’m grateful to God that I've got here". I've had atreatment in Zaporozhian clinic, in Narcological dispensary, I've got  the attitude of different doctors and nurses. I had a diazepam at night to get some sleep. After that I used again.

- And what about this clinic?

- I don't want even  to hear about drugs. My wife makes fun of me, when I lay and read book in the evening! For the last time I've been reading books fifteen years ago. Here is a great gym:  weight,  billiard-table,  tennis,  punching bag is great for...


Relieving the stress?

- Not the only stress. When I came here my physical condition was... Now I can handle the mine with twenty-five kgs, I can make a bench press with fifty-five kgs. I'm lying in  the evening, reading  a book and thinking about what weight I will raise tomorrow. I'm telling my wife about it and she is laughing. I don't think about  drugs. Some guys came here with withdrawal and sometimes they talk about the drugs. For the first time I kept that conversation, but now I just come to the smoke area, smoke cigarette, and  come back to my wife, I don't like talks about it. Even on the sessions, when I heard of the drugs I went out of trance. It  doesn’t  hurt me. It is disgusting to hear. The treatment is satisfied. It is necessary, if you come here, not to look at the others, some of people don't want to be treated. Go and take every procedure! My psychologist explained to me  how to communicate with my wife, she wanted to divorce. Now we have  different friendly relationships.

- Do you have procedures that make a difference for you?

- Well... A massage, of course. Everyone likes the massage. I like yoga, especially after the gym. Our Master, or Guru, teaches us  contemplation and attention. When addicts become sober, they have a very scattered attention; it is hard to collect thoughts. There are only 30% of people, who have visited the yoga class. I like transair. It erases memories about high condition. All procedures are important. They were invented not by a fool. It is a complex. It is necessary to be on every procedure and not  to miss anything. Sometimes it looks like you don't want to go, but you need to! If you came here, then you should do it. After all, you do it for yourself, not for you mother or wife. If you are healthy, then your mother, wife and children will be healthy.

- Do you have plans for the future?

- I need to find myself in something. Here I don't have any free time. Yesterday I got pills of alcohol, I want to close all the doors. I made an insurance for myself. I have plans. I want to find  better job. Currently I'm a worker of meat factory. I'm killing animals. I want to change this job, because it effects on my psychological condition. I want to live with my family. I want to help my wife around the house, because I didn't do anything during 3 years. It is not difficult to wash the dishes or  do vacuum cleaning. I don't want to lay down on the couch anymore. If you continue laying on the couch, it will lead you back to something bad. We have to be busy: books, gyms.

- A few words for people.

- People, if you get here, it means that you have come to the finish. If you got here, then be treated, don't miss the procedures; a hard work on the sessions. Force yourself, go into the trance and scream, don't pay attention to anybody. After the session, run to the stress-shock therapy immediately. Don't be afraid.

I wish you luck, I wish  everyone to be recovered. I know that you will get help here. Be thankful to God, mother and wife, if you get here. I'm sure, you will get  help here.

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    I’m the one of those mothers who have gone through the most terrible tragedy - the junkie son. I have lost hope of recovery and got only emptiness, sadness and longing because of despair. Nevertheless, who believes and wants to pull out own child from the deep pool of drug, will find a way out from the difficult situation. In our case, we saw that way, when read an article “Drug addiction is curable” in the “Komsomolka” newspaper. Immediately we went to the Zaporizhzhya city, hospital №1, to the Dr. Vasilenko, who was mentioned in that article.

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    My name is Ivan Ivanovich, I was addicted to drugs one and a half year ago. I was treated in many institutions, but nothing could help me. I found out about this unique method from a friend of mine, he underwent the treatment by Vitaliy Ivanovich. I immediately called to the center. My wife and I arrived to the institution and I was struck by the attitude of medical staff, they were like sisters, and I got so much sympathy to my illness. I believe that addiction is a disease, but only here I convinced that it could be cured. Thanks to Vitaliy Ivanovich I lost carving and I don’t want to hear anything about drugs and alcohol.

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    With gratitude. I would like to mention a few points, such as strong energy which is emanating from Vitaliy Ivanovich - it is initially gives a confidence and disposes for a positive result; the harmonious work of the entire staff - in my opinion, is a very important moment, as your own attitude. It looks like I get back to the state when I don’t know what the drug is, but at the same time I clearly have an understanding that it is evil. It gives the confidence and makes me think positively. Conclusion: I’ve got a REAL result. Thank you. Maksim.

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    My name is Sergey. I came to the clinic of Dr. Vasilenko with the aim to stop using drugs. I was in a bad condition. I thought I fell to the bottom. I had disgust for drugs, but I continued to use at home, because I was afraid of physical withdrawal. I couldn’t solve any common deals without drugs, I was ashamed to look into people's eyes, I had lots of other complexes. The main thing is that I treated badly to my mother, I realized it only here. The first week was hard, in a moral and in a physical ways, but it was easier than it was at home.

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    We are expressin our gratitude to Dr. Vasilenko V.I. and the entire staff of the clinic for sensitive attention to patients. We admire the talent and nobility of this man. We are eternally grateful.

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