You can become an ex-addict!

You did not come into this world as an addict, you did not come into this world as an outcast, you did not come into this world in order to deceive and betray, steal and kill. You came into this world to be free.

                      We give you the chance to be free.

                    You came into this world to see.

                                  Open your eyes and see.

                                     You can do it.

In rehabilitation center of Dr. Vasylenko we do not just temporary remove withdrawal symptoms of drug addiction, alcoholism and other addictions. A long-term remission after treatment  is also not a goal for us to achieve. Rehabilitation center of Dr. Vasylenko has approach to a comprehensive treatment of the whole body and makes real steps to remove psychological dependence:


  • We erase the desire to abuse drugs from the memory
  • We provide complete destruction of the addict ego
  • We erase everything associated with drugs from your memory
  • You will forget “high” on drugs state even in your dreams

We are working for you to have a real opportunity to leave the center being a former drug addict

                                       Make your choice.


A rigid technique has firm results

Our methods of treatment are tough, but the results suggest their efficacy. The patients who went through our sessions never go back to drugs. We follow their further life. Being reborn, having received the one last chance they cling to it in hope to get out of darkness. They contact us and tell about their successes and achievements. After they passed all the way with our help - from the bottom and up to a full upgrade of personality - many of them create their own families, start their business, progress in work and become sport fans. The geography of our patients is extensive: Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Greece, Germany, Israel, etc.

                                     THINK OVER!

                           WE ARE YOUR LAST CHANCE!

                            CHOOSE LIFE - YOU CAN DO IT!