Why should you choose the Rehabilitation Center of Dr. Vasylenko?

The fundamental difference between our drug rehabilitation center and the rest is that we do not just deal with the treatment of drug addiction, alcoholism and other addictions. Using the developed methods of addiction treatment we actually remove psychic dependence, we remove the desire to abuse drugs from your mind. You will forget the phrase “the drug is waiting”.

We know how to destroy your addictive inner "me".

You will not be able to remember “hugh” in result of the psychological impact.

The main aim of our Rehabilitation Center is to give you possibility to return home as a healthy person.

We are completely frank with our patients and their relatives. If they take their drug addicted son or daughter to our center by force, without their own will we have to warn them that such treatment will not be effective, and that it is better for them to go home. In such cases our center returns the money for the abortive rehabilitation.

Not every person can stand the treatment for drug or alcohol addiction - so unusual, so tough and maybe even cruel it can be. In an altered trance state of consciousness we give an addict possibility to see all madness of his addictive life style with the eyes of his parents, partners and even children. Our methods of treatment allow us to state the effective work of our rehabilitation center. Very often it becomes the last point on the way to healthy life after other clinics. The patients of our clinic often recommend it to other addicts.


After the drug is erased from your memory there is a revolution in your consciousness – if before you thought: "drugs help me to get rid of pain", after you will think: "drugs are the pain itself", and the pain so terrible, so tearing that you scream in horror, shake in convulsions; before you thought: "drug is happiness", and now "drug is suffering". The suffering will be so hard like thousands of spines that pierce your heart, it’s like your soul shrinks and you cry from pain and horror. You will literally feel the breath of death and its
stench during the sessions. It is in our power to arouse this feeling in you, to reveal your bare emotions and fear of going insane because of the drug.

We give you the opportunity to destroy the inner "me" of an addict, to hate it, bringing this hatred to an extreme degree of disgust and give the opportunity to become completely free of psychological addiction. A lot of rehab centers remove the physical addiction - it is not difficult.

We practice all methods, all techniques that are used in all other clinics, but the quintessence of our treatment are sessions that influence your mind and make you forget the craving for drug even in your dreams, instead of wanting the drug you will fear of it.

In the process of treatment of any kind of addiction we do everything to bring you back to normal life. And through all the despair and fear you experienced you will never go back to the previous way of life.


You did not come into this world as an addict, you did not come into this world as an outcast, you did not come into this world to deceive and betray, steal or kill . You came into this world to be free. We give you the chance to be free. You came into this world to see, and we really give you a chance - open your eyes and see, you can do it, make your choice.