What will happen to you in our center?

In the course of treatment we use all known methods of addiction treatment, but the very basis of it are our sessions that escalate their impact on the patient with each séance. Our main goals are:


  •  complete destruction of the addict ego
  • erasing everything associated with drugs from the memory
  • forgetting “high” on drugs state even in your dreams


During the sessions you will go through all the stages that every addict goes through, including depression and that mortal anguish expectation of the moment when with this one last dose you will die and leave this world forever. You will not just observe, you will participate in every step to your gradual rebirth to a new life. To the life, where there is sunshine, fresh air and laughter. To the life where people love you and are waiting for you.

Our methods of treatment are tough, but the results suggest their efficacy. The patients who went through our sessions never go back to drugs. We track their further life. Being reborn, having received the one last chance they cling to it in hope to get out of darkness. They contact us and tell about their successes and achievements. After they passed all the way with our help - from the bottom and up to a full upgrade of personality - many of them create their own families, start their business, progress in work and become sport fans. The geography of our patients is extensive: Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Greece, Germany, Israel, etc.

Effective treatment results are achieved when the patient truly desires to be healthy.

No matter where you live and what language do you speak, the outcome is always the same: when taking drugs, you become an outcast, you get the stereotype of an addict. You try to escape problems by taking drugs, and with each new dose you sink deeper to the bottom, where there is no return. You may pretend that nothing of this will happen to you continuing to bring yourself to the inevitable. We will help you to understand:

Drugs cannot become an escape from suffering

    A drug is pain

                 A drug is suffering

                                 Addiction is the cancer of the soul

                                       Taking drugs you lose everything: family, work, and friends

An addict cannot live up to senium

You will approach maximally to experiencing your own death during the treatment sessions; you will feel the extreme fear and panic of the withdrawal syndrome. At our sessions we will help you to expose all the emotions; we will help you to feel the meaninglessness of such existence, to see your life with eyes of your loved ones: father, mother, children, partner.

Addicted people do not live up to senium. They all die young. Young people quickly lose their friends and cling to the company of same rogues, rejected by society and approaching to their physical death.

Don’t be indifferent! Everything that happens, happens in front of your eyes! Find a way to prove that drug is evil. Do not lose hope! At the Medical Center of Dr. Vasylenko it is proven that drug addiction is curable! Find your strength; eliminate your bad surroundings from your memory and life! Begin to live! You should be happy and free!