We know your problem!

We live in the twenty-first century. We can judge about the civilization and spirituality of the country by the attitude to the children, sick and elderly people. That is why we mustn’t close our eyes to the existence of such problem as drug addiction. We can’t cure addiction by simple removal of physical symptoms of the disease. Drug addiction treatment must be comprehensive, eliminating both physical and psychological dependences. Effective treatment for drug addiction, alcoholism and other addictions in our center are based on the unique author's technique that allows to remove the psychological dependence; permanently eliminates the desire to abuse the drug. You will forever forget the feeling of


Using a unique psychological impact you will forever forget the pleasure associated with drugs or alcohol. You can be reborn to a new happy life after a complete destruction of the addict ego. You can return to the life where your family and friends still love you and need you.

The motto of the Center is:

You have a real opportunity to leave the center as a former drug addict.

Backed by extensive experience, we try to be very frank with patients and their families. If there is no even slightest desire to be cured or treatment is conducted without the patient's consent – it is hopeless, we suggest the patient to leave and return the money.

Our aim is to return a healthy person to the society. Several sober years are not a matter of pride for us. Anyone who claims that “the drug can wait” or “there are no former drug addicts” is actually interested in that a young man or a woman continues to abuse and bring money and in plunging them even deeper into the depths of their despair, fear and doom.

The Rehabilitation Center of Dr. Vasylenko helps to overcome all difficulties to those who are willing to tell themselves:

     I want to live,

                  I want to be healthy,

                              I'm too young to die!

Working for the result

Experience and qualifications of experts of the Center, the unique author's technique, a comprehensive approach to drug addiction treatment, domestic atmosphere, high level of service allow our patients to cope with all stages of treatment and guarantee results: complete freedom from drugs, alcohol, gambling or any other form of addiction.

The most important condition for the treatment at our center is the patient's genuine desire to get rid of addiction forever.

                                             Think over!

                                  You must choose life!