Therapy and rehabilitation process in the center of Dr. Vasylenko

The treatment in our clinic initially begins with accurate informing of the addict and his parents and relatives about the conditions that are required for admission to the clinic.

The most important condition is sincere and voluntary patient's desire to get rid of drug addiction forever.

Patients are accommodated in comfortable wards, supervised by the regime of open doors, with mandatory presence of parents. Best results are achieved when patients come for treatment from other cities, because they have to wait, to search and overcome the distance.

Treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism in our center is held stationary for the period of 4 to 6 weeks, and includes a number of stages that are inextricably linked.


Stage 1. Elimination of physical dependence by a massive detoxification using medical and non-medical supplies:

A forced diuresis, injection of opiate receptor blockers – ganglionic blocking agents, neuroleptics, tranquilizers, antidepressants, blood laser irradiation (extra-and intracorporal), accupuncture, symptomatic medicines, etc. This phase lasts from 3 to 5 days.


Stage 2. Elimination of psychological dependence by a range of psychotherapeutic techniques.

Massive, super stress group hypnotherapy in its authoritarian version is the main and essential determinant of the positive effect of the treatment of drug addiction.

A “mirror image” of the addict’s individual vision of dependence is created in a state of deep trance in consciousness (and sub consciousness) with a psychological “code” that prohibits any return to drugs. Emotional experience of fear, anxiety, panic, pain, sensation of “dying” from drugs is actively used.

Phase, and sometimes sub psychotic and functional psychotic states that arise during the sessions are accompanied by phenomena of catalepsy, collapses, convulsions, and dizziness. The peculiar feature of creation of disgust to the drug is the escalating force of the impact on a patient that grows like “crescendo” from session to session, reaching its climax in the form of "catharsis".

Sessions of ECT in its pre-comatose parameters are simultaneously held to enhance the super stress effect of sessions. The electrical discharge is supplied accompanied by code words: “drug is death”.

Thus a dominant in the brain is formed; it helps to break an addictive  ego and the addict’s sub personality. Sometimes patients compare sessions with exorcism, but in Christianity a man is regarded as an initial repository of sin, and here we consider a man as a person who is able to find the most powerful reserves and overcome drug addiction in moments of emotional recovery.

At the same time comprehensive psychoanalytic, psycho correctional work is conducted to the patients from the first day of their arrival to the clinic. It resembles a sort of brainstorm, carried out by a team of doctors and therapists.

A whole range of psychological tests with computer processing of the results and methods of influence on patients are developed and successfully applied in practice. This includes methods of classical psychoanalysis, Gestalt therapy, transactional analysis, NLP, rational psychotherapy.

Particular attention is paid to preparing patients for the main psychotherapeutic event – the super stress hypnosis. This is the aim of holotropic breathing sessions held before and between the hypnosis sessions.

As psychotherapeutic means the auto-training, eastern meditation and concentration are widely used.

Video-therapy is applied to improve the reliability of psychotherapy (watching video of the previous sessions and other procedures, watching documentaries and fiction movies with anti-drug themes).

In order to overcome codependency the psychotherapeutic work is also held with parents.

At the same time, such procedures as physiotherapy, manual therapy, massage, physical training methods ( in a special gym with exercise equipment) are held. They are accompanied by psychotherapeutic influence of music therapy. This kind of therapy spares a lot of time.

Stage 3. Rehabilitation, restoration of the patient's personality.

This process begins with the patient's admission to hospital and continues until the discharge from hospital. Rehabilitation of drug addicts includes a set of measures tha influence the patient's personality and behavior.

Already being in the center the patient receives skills of healthy life and sees its positive side. Our patients receive a physical instructor on bodybuilding, martial arts, boxing, aerobics, yoga, all depends on their interests. According to our observations, some patients become "fans" of sport. When they return home they actively start to attend gyms and sport sections. In summer we organize a weekend day tour with a visit to historic sites with boat tripping and going to the cinema. For some patients it is a revelation – to watch a movie, to see the leaves on the trees, the river with their sober eyes for the first time. Our patients start to notice the small things, which they previously passed by. Being in the medical center of Dr. Vasylenko, they gradually discover the ability to hear, to be amused or be in love. Many of them call the clinic a second home or even a maternity center, which is not far from truth.

The staff of the clinic is united by one main idea – addiction is curable – and they work for the result.

We have created a computerized database of patients, we follow their further destiny, receive letters, our patients write us, come to visit.


Stage 4. Biological encoding with optional "serum" or "caps".

It is the final stage of treatment. The process of preparation and applying of encoding is a massive psychotherapeutic complex comprising the following main components:


  • Determining of readiness for encoding

We take into account somatic and mental state of patients, confidence in rejection of addicted lifestyle, absence of loopholes in the mind for the drug in the future, consent to coding (and its period), cardio - vascular system, the level of recovery of the liver and other internal organs, the state of the higher nervous activity (according to results of EEG, ECHO, ERG, KTM etc.).


  • Filling in the special blank

This blank states that after the injection of a polyvalent serum, the patient (for the time, which is defined by a physician with the patient's consent) breaks for good with the drug. He is warned that after the serum is injected even the slightest dose of a drug can lead to immediate death or fatal complications in the short period of time. And this considers any type of drugs (opiates, cocaine, ephedrine, marijuana, etc.).


  • Intramuscular injection of 10.0 - 20.0 mL of polyvalent serum  or suturing of the "capsule"

It is done in terms from 3 months to 5 years. The amount of injected serum depends on the degree of psychosomatic readiness of the patient.


  • Provocation

Sometimes it is necessary to conduct the "provocation" if the patient agrees. It tests the strength and effectiveness of the serum injected. It is done in cases where there is no certainty that the patient is generally prepared to coding, or will not show any fluctuations in rejection of the drug in the nearest future, or won’t try to "move on to something else" (alcohol, pills, marijuana, etc.).

The procedure of provocation itself is extremely painfully experienced by patients, they remember it for a lifetime as "the result of disruption of coding", leaving the conscious and the subconscious fear of death from the drug. In most cases, after the provocation patients talk about a "second birth".

We generalized the experience of the application of the above mentioned drug abuse treatment in more than 1000 cases. In reality we can speak about 75% - 85% of positive results. The patients of our center were mostly young people, male in majority, from different countries (Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Greece, Israel, etc.). They found out about the Center of Dr. Vasylenko without any special advertising, just by "chain" from previous patients or their relatives, that were already convinced in the effectiveness of the treatment in our clinic. Information spread with the help of friends and relatives of those patients who have become "ex-addicts", restored or created their own families, successfully continued their studies, work, achieved success in business.