The treatment of drug addiction

Addiction is a social phenomenon that concerns the whole population, but it is the young population that is mostly prone to it. Sometimes youngsters do this step “because everyone does” and they don’t want to stand out or become a “rara avis” in their clique, and sometimes they do it to escape problems, forget about the pain and fear. Once they try, it is impossible to stop. Their bodies demand stronger stimulation with time. Once having playfully started with soft drugs such as cannabis, cocaine or ecstasy, a person gets into full chemical dependence that gradually destroys the identity and destroys physically day by day.

All drugs are poisonous, with the only difference that, unlike poison, drugs cause a feeling of happiness ("high") for few hours. There are several stages of drug influence on the human body. First comes the euphoria - when the body reacts to the poison with powerful release of energy. Such sensations do not last long, depending on the type and method of taking drugs, age and physique of the addict. Further the body can no longer withstand such a load, and a person is quickly exhausting. At the last stage the addict’s is completely disabled and, in case of an overdose, it can lead to death. Drug use is accompanied by a whole bunch of comorbidities: kidneys and liver disorders, high risk of heart attacks, weak immune system, skin diseases, etc.