The treatment of alcoholism in the center of Dr. Vasylenko

The treatment in the center of Dr. Vasylenko is based on the principle of voluntariness and a sincere desire to be cured. Our doctors use unique methods and always take into account the individual conditions of health of each patient. Long-term consumption of alcohol leads to changes in the internal organs and as a result to the emergence of many diseases such as alcoholic gastritis, alcoholic neuropathy, liver cirrhosis, etc.

We can confidently say - alcoholism is curable. The course of treatment lasts for 4-6 weeks and consists of several steps, including:


  • massive detoxification
  • individual correction of psychic using super stress group hypnotherapy
  • rehabilitation
  • preparation for the encoding
  • encoding

The unique author's technique and skilled team of professionals do not operate at partial withdrawal symptoms of intoxication, but at a full recovery of the patient without subsequent recurrence. Treatment of alcohol addiction is carried out with active participation of patients.