The treatment of alcohol addiction

Alcoholism is a permanent immoderate use of drinks containing alcohol in doses that cause intoxication. Long-term consumption of alcohol leads to degradation of the personality and dementia. Alcohol is a legal drug, found in some foods and can be produced by the human body. For many people alcohol became a means to relieve stress. Causes for alcohol addiction can be chronic fatigue, various neuroses, depression. After alcohol gets into the human body, there come temporary relaxation and emotional raise. In large doses, alcohol depresses the brain, causing oxygen deprivation, heartache, general weakness, fatigue, depression and irritation. In case of constant alcohol abuse psychic addiction is formed. Addictive intoxication occurs in result of the alcohol influence on brain cells. Getting a new emotional outburst requires an increased consumption of alcohol. The dose gradually increases. The state of intoxication brings disturbed coordination of movements, general behavior and as a consequence - memory lapses. Long immoderate abuse of alcohol causes alcoholic psychosis or delirium tremens.

People with alcohol addiction have metabolism disorders, deficiency of endogenous spirits and withdrawal manifestation (hangover) syndrome with gradual formation of persistent drunken state. People fall out of their ordinary rhythm of life: families break, skills are lost.