The technique of complex treatment

Summing up all of the information about the new method of the drug addiction treatment and generalizing its immediate and long-term results, it is necessary to make the following conclusions:

1. The methodology of comprehensive drug addiction treatment, developed and introduced into practice by Dr. Vitaly Vasylenko is fundamentally different from all previously proposed methods by its staging and priority given to psychological impact on patients, renewing of their outlook, attitude to the previous way of life as to a disgusting and now unacceptable one. The dynamics of relationship between the patient and the drug undergoes three degrees: first - indifference, then – disguise, and finally - hatred, aggression towards what was previously desirable, coveted and so "usual" during the systemic drug abuse.

2. The basic operating factor of the treatment is authoritarian stress hypnosis. Also important is the identification of the phase states, which correspond to the 3d and 4th stage of hypnosis - with symptoms of catalepsy, convulsive manifestations, expression of panic and anxiety that are linked by a hypnotist to the alarm "code" word – the drug. The trance, into which the patient is merged, can help to overcome the resistance to the therapy and creates conditions peculiar to superconductivity of medical information. It is fixed by repeated sessions that create therapeutic "circle" in the associative cortical layers of the brain. The reflex mechanisms of “anti-drug protection” of the brain are fixed biologically by dendrite connections. (E.Kostandov, Moscow).

After sessions the majority of the patients can no longer easy accept all that is connected with the concept of "drug". A simple mentioning of it causes the symptoms of rejection - nausea, retching, headache, fear, aggression, panic. However, these reactions have nothing in common with the conditioned reflexes; though resemble them at a first glance. The follow up of the patients mostly shows conscious and not reflex type of attitude – the changes primarily concern the very worldview, the lifestyle of the patient, who became an ex-addict.

3. In general, the results of the treatment suggest a steady achieved effect. In case of relapses (they make up 4%) the available data indicates death or irreversible complications that eventually lead to death. Psychologically all patients lead a normal life, create or restore their families, work and tend to become the basis of "chains" that spread the information about the Medical Center of Dr. Vasylenko.

4. In letters, audio and television interviews, the patients speak about brand new, revived perception of life, their characteristic expression is: “I have a new view of the world now, I want to live, work, love, I've forgotten what means to be high on drugs”, “ Something unusual happened to me, this could only be in my youth”, “Thanks to Vitaly Ivanovich and the entire hospital staff, I became confident I can make up everything after years of drug abuse, return all moral and material debts.”