The sensations of the 4th Matrix during holotropic breathing

Signs of the fourth "matrix" were connected with the subjects of death and rebirth, with a feeling of victory and triumph. Many patients spoke about the changed senses: visual and auditory impressions, smells, tastes seemed more powerful, bright and pleasant. Patients have described the return of feelings that were taken by the drug, they claimed they saw a completely new way to understand and appreciate their loved ones, the beauty of nature, the ability to enjoy the sounds of music. The pursuit of justice, respect for others, the desire to create became important again.

Some patients recalled feelings of the first "matrix", but now they do not simply observe, but completely belong to this situation and take full responsibility for it. The prevailing is the sense of deep relaxation, serenity and inner peace. The patients claimed about the exemption from drug addiction or opportunity to get rid of it.

The milestone of the whole medical treatment of addiction is the understanding of the patient’s own active position. After the treatment termination usually the patients continue holotropic breathing at home, as a means of psychological discharge in stress situations. In rare cases it is accompanied by hyperactivity, euphoria, agitation for 2-3 hours after sessions. The patients demanded special attitude towards them and built grandiose plans. These transient states pass spontaneously and require certain clarifications.