The sensations of the 3d Matrix during holotropic breathing

Experiences associated with the third "matrix" are more concentrated than before. Especially it concerns physical sensations: patients experience severe pain and aches, choking, increased exertion. In terms of psychological effects – anxiety is enhanced, so as the feeling of aggression and excitement. Dr. S. Grof compared these sensations to the ones of a child being born through the birth channel.

Patients experienced suffering and constant pain or anxiety and aggression. However, unlike previous experiences, this one goes from victim to torturer. Memories of betrayal and deceiving behavior because of a drug dominate, sometimes with physical violence. Sexual experience memories are frequent but accompanied by immorality, risk and narcotic intoxication. Religious scenes reflect negative satanic ritual elements, where the patient is an active participant: one drinks blood and gets pleasure from it, uses drugs and makes others to do it. Multidirectional feeling of aggression is clearly manifested in the external monitoring. Some patients actively oppose some invisible objects; they wave their hands, legs, shout out words, and change their postures. Others, on the contrary, cry. Despite the predominance of negative experiences, they always present elements of struggle and there is always a feeling of hope and belief that this struggle will eventually end.


After breathing sessions patients were rethinking their way of life and it is an important factor in the preparation process for super-stress hypnosis. Preciously missing guilt appears with tears of repentance and begging for forgiveness. The awareness of mandatory fight for overcoming drug dependence smoothes negative emotional memories.

Such ideas evoked fear of the future only among some patients. They tried to leave the session quickly. It is important to understand that to overcome this fear and continue treatment by all rules is essential in the whole process of subsequent individual work with a therapist. Some patients perceived physical sensations at this stage as the return to abstinence. In this case immediate rebuttal is necessary.