The sensations of the 2nd Matrix during holotropic breathing

In the course of subsequent sessions of holotropic breathing the second “matrix” experience appears. It is radically different from the previous one. Mostly it develops in fear of death, fear of going insane, fear of never returning to normal state. All the time patients experience the fear of constant life danger. Physically this state is accompanied by body exertion, tightness in the chest, head and limbs pressure. Also discomfort and heaviness in different parts of body that are associated with pleasure zones is significant: severe thirst, urge to urinate or defecate can disrupt the session.

During the sessions almost all patients describe episodes associated with “freaky past” of extremely negative content or potential fatal outcome, overdoses, looting and violence to get money for drugs, senseless cruelty to family and close people. Such reminiscences are the first steps to understand the meaninglessness of the previous way of life. Hereafter all negative memories are fixed emotionally with the help of therapists. Some patients, when faced with negative experiences, try to defend against them. In these cases the subliminal protective mechanisms are included and former stereotype of avoiding difficulties dominates. Patients start mentioning the intensification of psychological addiction and strong craving for a drug. Later sessions of holotropic breathing are perceived by them with the fear of “return to the initial level” during the treatment.