The main conditions of 100% success in the treatment are:

1. Complete and voluntary acceptance of all the proposed treatments by the patient. Success is excluded in cases of involuntary and forced treatment. It becomes evident in remote stages, when there is no withdrawal, but there is also no sincere desire of the patient to refuse addictive lifestyle.

2. The absence of slightest loopholes for the drug in the future in a patient’s mind. No hope or desire to take or replace the drug by marijuana, alcohol, pills, etc.

To prevent possible relapses because of the above mentioned reasons, there exists the preclinical stage of treatment, which gives the preliminary information to patients and their relatives about the conditions of voluntariness and the absence of "pressure" from relatives or officials or other restrictions. They are told about the mandatory accompanying by their relatives or other persons for the entire period of treatment.

However, even the unstable but sincere desire to start a drug free life is accepted as a valid condition for the initiation of therapy at the first stages.

The clinical stage covers five steps that focus on systemic liquidation of drug dependence.