The essence of the new method of drug addiction treatment

Historically, the creation of a new method of treatment was preceded by addictions and substance abuse study in terms of their prevalence and fundamental differences or similarities with multiple forms of mental disorders in general (especially with personality disorders, hidden and obvious depressive states, border and psychosomatic disorders). All the researches became the basis of complex method, which is now successfully used in the practice of Dr. Vasylenko and his team of specialists that were selected on the basis of this treatment method.

Fundamentally new approach to the problem of treatment is the task of complete addiction liquidation in the patient's mind, the liquidation of ANY attraction to drugs, regardless of their specific type (opium, cocaine, hashish, ephedrine, etc.).

Dr. Vasylenko introduced complex methods of medical and psychological impact on the patients, due to which the patient's mind creates a kind of "reflexive image" of his individual form of drug addiction (a kind of "psychic energу block"), and after the withdrawal is removed, the patients undergo super stress inclusive hypnosis that creates a life term ban to use any form of drugs in the patients’ minds.

Psychological encoding is not just a single act, it includes a number of psychological treatments - authoritarian hypnosis with the formation of dominant aggression, pain and fear towards any drug in the patients mind, anticipation or even experience of death due to drug abuse, psychoanalysis, psycho training, psycho-correction (individual and group), with the use of psychotropic medicines, antidepressants, tranquilizers, acupuncture, electroconvulsive therapy, laser therapy, including laser blood cleaning (extra-and intro-corporal) hemosorption and plasmapheresis, massage, manual therapy and physiotherapy.

Medication coding at the final stage of treatment is provided by the injection of a specially prepared polyvalent serum with the next testing of its effectiveness by provocation of the possible deadly result from the use of a small dose of a drug. This method enshrines the fear of death from the slightest dose of drug in the patient’s mind. Medication coding is performed in various periods that depend on the readiness of the patient's body (liver function tests, ECG, EEG, etc.), in the range of 3 to 6 years.