The encoding with polyvalent serum

The final stage of the treatment is the encoding with polyvalent serum. The serum includes components that are not harmful to the body of drug addicts by themselves, but they carry the "ciphered" chemical structure that responds to most of drugs (opiates, cocaine, ephedrine, marijuana). If the patient takes the smallest dose (one hundredth, one two-hundredth part) of these drugs, an immediate access of the toxic substance into the blood and lymph occurs and causes lethal outcome (death occurs immediately or after a short period of time with symptoms of cardiopulmonary paralysis). The amount of the injected serum determines its validity in terms from 3 to 6 years, depending on the wish and physical condition of the patient, the condition of the liver, heart and other functions, including the nervous system, brain, which can be verified by the EEG, ECHO, REG, KTM, NMR tests.


Serum reinforces your fear of death in case of relapse.

The verification of the serum

In order to test the “force” of the injected serum, to test its effectiveness in case of relapse the doctors conduct the so called “provocation”. The procedure is done only with the consent of the patient and relatives. In the process of provocation, the microdose of a drug causes clinical death, cardiac and respiratory arrest, the palsy of the main nervous and mental functions. These consequences inevitably lead to the biological death of the patient in case of relapse. The patient is informed in advance about such consequences and gives a receipt that he is aware and agrees to take in the “time bomb” that can “explode” from the smallest dose. The procedure is performed by doctors in a special intensive care unit that is equipped with all necessary diagnostic and medical equipment, means of ambulance (respirator, oxygen, introducer, defibrillator; monitor for the dynamic control of blood pressure, oxygen saturation of blood, pulse rate, ECG, electric pumps; cardiac, ganglion blocking, polarizing mixtures, and other resuscitation facilities). This procedure is quite dramatic and leaves conscious and subconscious fear of death from a drug, in most cases after this procedure patients subsequently tell about "the second birth", they increase the feeling of "value of life", backed by a short-term or long post provocative state of euphoria, inevitable after such an extreme measure. In cases when the patients refuse to undergo the provocation, or they can’t do it because of their health, they are allowed to watch this process with other patients. In most cases it reinforces the fear of death from the disruption of coding.