The appeal of the head physician Vitaly Vasylenko

The word drug from Greek means "petrifying". Initially it was used by a Greek healer Hippocrates to describe substances that cause numbness, and in some cases - paralysis. And if in ancient times only plants and their derivatives attributed to drugs, nowadays this concept is much expanded by substances of synthetic origin. At different times and in different nations drugs were and are used not only for medical purposes, but also as a component of religious traditions. So, the properties of narcotic poppy were mentioned in the ancient myths of Greece as a substance giving oblivion and relieving pain and suffering. Ancient Greeks believed that the poppy flower grew from the tears of Aphrodite. One of the plants dedicated to the goddess was the poppy. And it is not the only plant that contains narcotic properties. Cannabis was used in China for a long time, hallucinogenic mushrooms and tobacco came to us from America, iboga came from Africa, etc.

Conquest campaigns and merges of cultures led to the spread of drugs all over the world. Eighteenth and nineteenth century were the heyday of narcotic intoxication of the European continent, but at the same time, a lot of progressive doctors and the society began to sound the alarm trying to show the devastating effects of drugs and alcohol on the human body. This battle continues up to this day, though yet there are no winners, only losers, who are often young people. In 1950, China established an anti opium law, in result more than 80 000 people were arrested and executed for drug trafficking. Currently, the law system of China is the toughest in the world in relation to drugs. In 1961 the International Convention on the Non-proliferation of drugs was signed, it included a list of substances related to drugs. Ukraine is among the countries that signed the Convention.

No one knows the moment when a person decides to try drugs: some foolishly try copying others; others do it consciously in attempt to escape problems and pain. The path of each addict has a similar beginning, but each of them will search for a way out on their own, and not all of them will find it: some will remain forever in this black tunnel. According to official statistics there are more than 900 000 patients with alcoholism and drug addiction registered in health facilities of Ukraine, but the real figure is more than that in five times. Drug addiction, juvenile and female alcoholism, beer consuming, all the advertising on television and in the media – it is an octopus, that takes away multiple victims every day; it is a genocide, destroying people from the inside.

The Dr. Vasylenko medical center was established over 15 years ago. It became known not only in Ukraine, but also abroad in a short period of existence. The patients of the clinic are citizens of Russia, Belarus, Germany, Greece, Israel and America. There were no commercials on radio and television, but the patients themselves spread the information about us, for them it has become a place where they were born for the second time.

Vasilenko Vitaly Ivanovich is a head doctor, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, the psychiatrist of highest category. For many years he has been studying the problems of drug addiction and other addictions that people can have. Today he applies his unique author's technique to drug addiction treatment in his clinic and can confidently say - addiction is curable. The secret of success of his techniques is a comprehensive approach to treatment: these are a full understanding of the problem as a whole, the patient's desire to get rid of drug addiction once and for all and a really hard work of professionals working on the result.