Lymphatic drainage

Good condition depends on the major body systems, especially lymphatic, which, like the blood, permeates all tissues of the body. All toxins, viruses, cellular debris discharge into the lymph (white liquid). Unfortunately, the lymphatic system is highly vulnerable.  The lymph flow slows down with age and due to various diseases, malnutrition, smoking, sedentary lifestyle and stress. Toxins accumulate in the tissues as a result of the poor performance of the cleaning system. The consequences are bruises and bags under the eyes, poor complexion, and puffiness. Lymphatic drainage is performed as a short intensive influence on muscle and adipose tissues that leads to the sequent startup of muscles and their active reduction, enabling the movement of lymph to the lymph nodes.

As a result of the procedure the lymphatic system is activated, the system cleans out the toxins; the products of fat breakdown are dissolved.