Laser therapy

It has been established that the greatest biological effect of laser radiation has the red region of the visible spectrum, and the most suitable light source for stimulation of biological processes are the helium-neon lasers.

Today laser therapy has been recognized in all areas of medicine in all developed countries of the world, due to its high efficiency. Laser therapy has always been effective, even with serious illnesses, if there was any chance to recover. The success of laser therapy is impressive even among medical professionals. An ill organ starts to get rid of the disease quickly after capturing the healing light rays. This fantastic discovery belongs to Russian scientists.

Light commands the body to produce a required amount of exact internal medicine that a patient needs at the particular moment of his illness. This explains the fact that the laser is a powerful healing tool in the hands of a professional. The light must be ingested in a strictly defined doses and directions.

Low-energy laser of infrared spectrum has a large range of therapeutic effects on the body. Infrared laser promotes adaptive resistance of the organism, provides immune modulating effect, stabilizes the endocrine balance, normalizes blood pressure, increases tissue metabolism, activates cell regeneration, improves blood and lymph.