Drug abuse and teenage addiction

Parents, grandparents and anyone else who cares about the future of their child necessary has to dispose all information about the development of preventing methods of drug abuse among adolescents.

It is hard to believe that children may use drugs. In fact, nowadays an incredibly large number of adolescents have to face a choice: "Should I do it or not?". So parents should teach their children that the only right answer to this question is: "No, I should not do this, and I will not do this."

Here are some facts about teens and drugs:

- 40% of teens say they want to try drugs in the future;

- Every fifth grader has already tried marijuana;

The use of marijuana and inhalants can lead to social and physical consequences such as a decrease in stamina and physical fitness, or lungs and brain damage. Teens who smoke cigarettes are likely to consume alcohol. And those teens who use all three of the above components are predisposed to heavy drugs use. Studies show that teens who had never smoked marijuana refuse to try heavy drugs.

If you suspect that your child is using drugs or alcohol, it is important to act quickly: the longer your child is using drugs, the greater the chance of the dependency is.

Carefully choose the addiction treatment program. There are many different programs that can help:

 - Sober houses;

- Teen rehab centers and detoxification centers;

- Teen treatment centers for alcohol addiction, etc.