Dr. Galina Voronovskaya

Dr. Galina Voronovskaya - clinical psychologist of the highest category, received special education in the sphere of psychology and also specialization in health psychology in the Institute of psychiatry and psychology named after Bekhterev (St. Petersburg), psychiatry and forensic enquiry named after V.P. Serbsky (Moscow) and the Donetsk Medical Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education. Dr. Voronovskaya attended a special training program of replacement therapy in Kiev. She worked in the laboratory of psychiatry in Zaporizhzhya regional drug addiction treatment clinic from 1998 to 2005. Since 2008, has been working as a psychologist in Dr. Vasylenko Medical Center.  She is a master of psychological research of patients, technique of post injective work with dependent and codependent people, a master of psychoanalysis and projective techniques of gestalt therapy. She says: "I support psychological rehabilitation of our patients together with the whole team of our center, and do it understandingly and accepting the individuality of each patient.”