There are many relatives of people suffering from addiction among those who come to our resource. They are codependent; their illness is part of the addict’s dependence. The addict’s recovery largely depends on results of the conducted treatment and on people who are near, that is why we insist on coming not only of the person who is addicted, but also of a relative: brother, sister, wife, mother, who suffers from drug addiction consequences more than the patient himself. This section describes what is codependency, how to deal with drug addicts and how to build your own life.

What wife, parents take for a disease is actually only a part of it.

The hardest thing in drug and alcohol treatment is the treatment of parents of an addict or alcoholic. We admit that it sounds unusual, but it's true. Parents are sincerely mistaken, believing that their son is seriously ill. No! In fact, the whole family is seriously ill. And parents of an addict are sick no less than he is, even if they do not want to admit it. Some of them believe that drug addiction is such a disease in which a person uses substances to experience intoxication, so in result certain biochemical changes in the body happen, which is called the syndrome of physical dependence. They believe that the disease comes with syringes and dopes, in bleary eyes and attempts to commit suicide, with withdrawal, coma, and overdose. People commit most terrible things under the influence of substances. These conditions produce the strongest and most painful impression on friends and relatives. Perhaps this is why some parents believe that it is the whole dependency syndrome. And it's really part of the disease, but only a very small one. Some parents are deceived of reality by taking a small part for a whole disease. And they start treatment based on such false premises; they pay for pills, procedures of detoxification, "cleansing", and biologically active additives. But actually they are disillusioned with the treatment without starting the real treatment instead.

Based on materials from the brochure "Codependency - the ability to love"

S.N. Zaitsev