Addiction treatment

Any addiction treatment must be comprehensive. The first step to recovery is the recognition of a problem existence. The process of becoming addicted lasts for more than one day and primarily affects the person's mental state. The process of addiction treatment is aimed to change the patient's personality, outlook, and attitude to other people and to himself. In the center of Dr. Vasylenko a unique author’s technique is implemented to rehabilitate the patients, it is based on an integrated approach to solving the problem of addiction. The main objectives of this method are:


  • To create motivation to change lifestyle
  • To create psychological protection
  • To study the mechanisms of relapse and to create mechanisms of its preventing

The fundamental difference between our rehabilitation center and others is that our method actually removes the psychological dependence. The craving for a drug is erased you’re your memory. Highly qualified specialists work at the center to achieve real results. The main idea of our rehabilitation center is:

You really can be discharged as a completely healthy person!

Addiction never comes out of the blue and develops individually in each case. It is really hard to watch how a fatal obsession destroys the life of someone you love. It is also hard to persuade a person that this is not a joke and that a medical help is necessary. Usually an addict refuses to accept the problem, lies and tries to escape with the help of alcohol or drugs.

There are two types of addiction: chemical and non-chemical. Chemical dependence is a dependence when a person is addicted to chemical substances, such as alcohol, drugs, inhalants, etc. It consists of two parts: physical (withdrawal) and psychic (inability to refuse the substance).

Non-chemical dependency does not have a physical component. Depending in this case may be on games, food, shopping, sex, computer, work, etc.