Review about the treatment in the center


55 years old

Ukraine, Zaporozhye

Today is the 1th of September 2014. One of my grandchildren went to the first grade. My son Pavel went to the new stage of his life, as a first-form boy, he started to perceive and conceive a new life. He started from a capital "A".

I'm a former narcologist, I have helped people with choric drug and alcohol addictions. I have told my son many times about the consequences of teenage drug use, and never thought that he would start to use it. I couldn't believe in it, even when I saw the clinical drug addiction signs. He refused to admit that he used drugs. However, there was a moment when everyone turned away from him, and then he came to us, to his family, and asked for help. During this time he lost his job, almost lost his family, he sold many things from the house. After that we offered to try a treatment in Dr. Vasilenko' s clinic.

Day by day, my son went to the recovery. He overcame physical and psychological dependence. In the clinic, he had a comprehensive therapy: medical supplies, a lot of emphasis was on  psychotherapy and non-traditional methods of treatment. They are providing an individual and group psychotherapy. When I asked my son:"How are you feeling?" He answered:"I don't remember an arrival of drugs". It is important that the psychological dependence was erased from  sub consciousness.

He was so cared by  his loved one, so much understanding, compassion and respect, he had  plans for the future. I have seen this character before this disease.

I'm so grateful to Dr. Vasilenko V.I.. He has created a great clinic with professionals - doctors, nurses, paramedical workers. Thank you very much for my son's second birthday, for your professionalism, for your kindness and attendance, for your help to codependent relatives. After our talk with you, I see the problem in a different way, I believe in a complete recovery. After the treatment in your clinic my son firmly stands on the ground, and thanks to you, he has  future without drugs.

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  • Olga
    45 years old

    I’m the one of those mothers who have gone through the most terrible tragedy - the junkie son. I have lost hope of recovery and got only emptiness, sadness and longing because of despair. Nevertheless, who believes and wants to pull out own child from the deep pool of drug, will find a way out from the difficult situation. In our case, we saw that way, when read an article “Drug addiction is curable” in the “Komsomolka” newspaper. Immediately we went to the Zaporizhzhya city, hospital №1, to the Dr. Vasilenko, who was mentioned in that article.

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  • Sotiris
    25 years old

    - Could you please tell me more about yourself? - My name is Sotiris. I come from Greece. I’m 25 years old. I have been depended to drugs since I was 13 years old. I came to this clinic, to Vitaliy Ivanovich, and had been treated...

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  • Ivan
    33 years old

    My name is Ivan Ivanovich, I was addicted to drugs one and a half year ago. I was treated in many institutions, but nothing could help me. I found out about this unique method from a friend of mine, he underwent the treatment by Vitaliy Ivanovich. I immediately called to the center. My wife and I arrived to the institution and I was struck by the attitude of medical staff, they were like sisters, and I got so much sympathy to my illness. I believe that addiction is a disease, but only here I convinced that it could be cured. Thanks to Vitaliy Ivanovich I lost carving and I don’t want to hear anything about drugs and alcohol.

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  • Maksim
    31 years old

    With gratitude. I would like to mention a few points, such as strong energy which is emanating from Vitaliy Ivanovich - it is initially gives a confidence and disposes for a positive result; the harmonious work of the entire staff - in my opinion, is a very important moment, as your own attitude. It looks like I get back to the state when I don’t know what the drug is, but at the same time I clearly have an understanding that it is evil. It gives the confidence and makes me think positively. Conclusion: I’ve got a REAL result. Thank you. Maksim.

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  • Sergey
    25 years old

    My name is Sergey. I came to the clinic of Dr. Vasilenko with the aim to stop using drugs. I was in a bad condition. I thought I fell to the bottom. I had disgust for drugs, but I continued to use at home, because I was afraid of physical withdrawal. I couldn’t solve any common deals without drugs, I was ashamed to look into people's eyes, I had lots of other complexes. The main thing is that I treated badly to my mother, I realized it only here. The first week was hard, in a moral and in a physical ways, but it was easier than it was at home.

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  • Igor
    30 years old

    - Good afternoon. Could you please, introduce yourself? Where are you from? Why are you here? - I’m from the city of Bucha, Kyiv region. I came here to get treatment of addiction - methadone and opiates. - How long have you used t...

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  • Vladimir
    29 years old

    Hello. My name is Vova, I’m 29 years old, from the city of Kiev. I came to the center Vasilenko as a guest. I got the treatment in 2009. I’m very happy to come back and see my doctors, to show how I am; and once again to visit the...

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  • Alexandr and his father
    27 years old

    - My son and I came to this center for the second time. Sasha was coded for one year and he didn’t use any drugs during that time. He wasn't codded from alcohol. In my opinion, looking at our example, the alcohol is a pathogen for...

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  • Valentina & Svetlana
    25 years old

    We are expressin our gratitude to Dr. Vasilenko V.I. and the entire staff of the clinic for sensitive attention to patients. We admire the talent and nobility of this man. We are eternally grateful.

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