Stages of treatment in the center of Dr. Vasylenko

The preclinical stage of preparation for treatment at the center of Dr. Vasylenko

Stage 1 - the preclinical. This stage is necessary for the informing of the patient and his parents, friends about the conditions that are required for admission to the clinic. The most important condition is the sincere patient's desire to get rid of drug addiction forever. Any form of compulsion from family or health authorities excludes the beginning of treatment.  


The clinical stage of treatment at the center of

Dr. Vasylenko

Stage 1. Elimination of physical dependence by a massive detoxification using medical and non-medical supplies: a forced diuresis, injection of opiate receptor blockers – ganglionic
blocking agents, neuroleptics, tranquilizers, antidepressants, blood laser irradiation (extra-and intracorporal), acupuncture, symptomatic medicines, etc. This phase lasts from 3 to 5 days.

Stage 2. Elimination of psychological dependence by a range of psychotherapeutic techniques. Massive, super stress group hypnotherapy in its authoritarian version is the main and essential determinant of the positive effect of the treatment of drug addiction. A “mirror image” of the addict’s individual vision of dependence is created in a state of deep trance in consciousness (and sub consciousness) with a psychological “code” that prohibits any return to drugs. Emotional experience of fear, anxiety, panic, pain, sensation of “dying” from drugs is actively used.

Stage 3.  Rehabilitation, restoration of the patient's personality. It includes a range of measures to influence the identity of the patient.

Stage 4. Biological encoding with optional "serum" or "caps". It is the final stage of treatment. The process of preparation and applying of encoding is a massive psychotherapeutic complex comprising the following main components.

Stage 5. The provocation. Sometimes it is necessary to conduct the "provocation", to test the strength and effectiveness of the serum injected. It is done in cases where there is no certainty that the patient is generally prepared to coding, or will not show any fluctuations in rejection of the drug in the nearest future, or won’t try to "move on to something else" (alcohol, pills, marijuana, etc.). With absent contraindications this procedure is offered to all patients. The procedure of "provocation" itself is an introduction of small dose of a drug to a patient that has already undergone the encoding. Soon after the introduction comes the state, incompatible with life, cardiac and respiratory activity stop, starts the paralysis of limbs. These consequences inevitably lead to biological death in case of "relapse" after discharge from hospital. A team of doctors and nurses, with the participation of the resuscitator, internists, and neurologists in the block where all the facilities are prepared in advance ambulance, carries out the provocation. There are respirator, introducer, defibrillator monitor to control all the main functions, heart, ganglionic, polarizing mixture, cerebrolysin, cavintonum and other facilities that quickly return the patient to life.