Massage (french masser - rub) - a set of methods of mechanical and reflex effects on tissues and organs in the form of friction, pressure, vibration, held directly on the surface of the human body as with hands, so as with special devices in air, water or other medium for the purpose of achieving a therapeutic or other effect.

In addition to mechanical stress, we use a variety of aromatic and fragrance oils, herbal ointments, gels and other substances, as well as temperature effects (eg, Cryo) to enhance the effect.

Therapeutic massage is used to accelerate the recovery of organs’ and system’s functions after disease and injuries. Currently this type of massage is widely used in health care facilities. Combined with medication, physical therapy and procedures massage enhances the effectiveness of a medical complex. Laser-vacuum massage is an example of such a successful combination.

Sports massage is a set of special techniques that enhance athletic performance, prepare for prolonged activity and accelerate recovery processes. Sports massage is divided into training, preparing and recovery massage. The training massage is used as the additional resource aimed at improving of athletic performance. The preparing massage is a short-term massage (5-20 min), directed to prepare the athlete for competition or training sessions. It can be of 4 types: warming-up, exciting (toning), soothing and warming massage. The recovery massage is used for faster recovery of motor performance and removing fatigue.

Therapeutic massage is used at all stages of treatment and rehabilitation.

Massage helps to improve:


  • The cardiovascular system;
  • The nervous system;
  • Musculoskeletal;
  • The gastrointestinal tract;
  • The respiratory tract;
  • Gynecological diseases;
  • Urological diseases;
  • Metabolic disorders.